The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin: Time Traveler From 2,256 Arrested For Insider Trading

In 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin was investigated by the FBI, at the request of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for being under suspicion of insider trading.

Most of the fans of science fiction and of the strange cases type X-Files, surely have heard the name of John Titor, a person who is said to be a time traveler from the year 2036.

In his day, Andrew Carlssin told the FBI that he was a temporary time traveler and that he was coming from the year 2256, and that he could prove it. His case today remains a mystery there is hardly any evidence to show that this person really existed.

The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin: Time Traveler From 2,256 Arrested For Insider Trading

The Story Of Time Traveller Andrew Carlssin

On January 28, 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin received a petition by the SEC’s FBI (Security and Exchange Commission) to be questioned on suspicion of insider trading or Insider-trading. Suspicions began when the SEC learned that Andrew Carlssin inexplicably increased his assets in cash from an initial value of 800 dollars to 350 million dollars in just two weeks!

Andrew Carlssin invested in high-risk stock market transactions in 126 commercial operations without even making a mistake.

After a few years, the biggest traders on Wall Street suffered huge economic losses due to extraordinary market volatility, so when Andrew Carlssin experienced an extraordinary gain in 126 stock market decisions, stock traders began to suspect that something strange was happening with Mr. Carlssin.

The FBI, shortly after his interrogation, said: “We are still trying to find out the source of information about where Carlssin gets his privileged information. said information. “

During four hours of interrogation, Andrew Carlssin said that he was a time traveler, a man who came from the year 2256. Carlssin said: “I can not help myself, and I’ve been trying to look natural, making me lose a little money here and a little there, but it seems that I got carried away by the environment “.

Future Claims Made By The Alleged Time Traveller Andrew Carlssin

Carlssin admitted that he came from the year 2256 and that at that time there was knowledge of the volatility of the current stock market and that it was so common that anyone who knew the history of the stock market could take advantage of it. To prove his confession, Carlssin provided predictions about the exact date of the invasion of Iraq, and gave the exact date !.

Carlssin also offered to report on the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden and on a cure for AIDS. The only thing Carlssin wanted was to be free and be able to return to his time machine until his current date.

When asked about the location of his time machine, Carlssin flatly refused to give the exact location of his time machine or talk about how it worked out of fear that this technology could fall into the wrong hands. Of course, the FBI did not believe the Carlssin story. However, an SEC source acknowledged that no one was able to trace the origin of Carlssin before December 2002. It is as if Carlssin had never existed before that date.

However, the story did not stop there. The story of Carlssin suddenly disappeared from the media of the time and was never mentioned again like the existence of Andrew Carlssin. No media outlet covered the news again.

The SEC and the FBI denied it shortly after they caught Carlssin. His lawyer said that Carlssin had to meet with him for a court hearing on April 2, 2003, but Carlssin did not show up for the subpoena.

The stories about Carlssin then appeared in news around the world, in a weekly tabloid of February 25, 2003, which was later cited by the mainstream media as Yahoo news.

In a subsequent article on April 29, 2003, the Weekly World News wrote that they had successfully interviewed Carlssin by telephone, and Carlssin told them that he was in Toronto for the creation of a company that was going to go public in 2007. Carlssin admitted that On March 29, 2003, he was released by the FBI for kindness by a stranger who did not give his name and who offered a security deposit for bail of $ 1 million! of Carlssin.

At the time of his arrest in 2003, Carlssin was 44 years old. However, Carlssin said that until now, he does not age at all. When asked what he had done during the years in which he had been missing, he replied: “No comments.”

And about the scandal and the uproar raised by his case, Carlssin declared: “Time is everything and everything happens according to the time, I am now here, so now this is my time”.

Many people today do not believe that you can travel in time. But physicists do not agree with them. The students of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), an institute that has one of the best scientific knowledge and one of the best technological universities in the world, gathered at a physics convention and invited all those people who said they came from the future.

Einstein and Hawking, two of the greatest physicists of all time, believe that people can make a journey through time as if it were something normal. Even Einstein’s relativity theory actually began with the idea of time travel that this tube.

In Geneva, CERN, a European organization specializing in nuclear physics is conducting an experiment to make mini black holes that can be applied to travel in time. CERN is not a random or unimportant organization, especially considering that they were the ones who invented the Internet or (World Wide Web).

Not far away, Ronald Mallet, a physics professor at the University of Connecticut, used Einstein’s equations and his knowledge of the laser beam to create a time machine. Professor Mallet predicted that in 10 years, people could create a time machine that can be used to travel through time.

John Titor was another mysterious person who said he came from the year 2036 and claimed that he had come from the future through two black holes.

As for the strange history of Carlssin, there was some suspicion that the story was a fabrication of the Weekly World News. In the newspaper, strange and apocryphal stories were usually published. But until today, there is no clarification about the truth of this sensational news.

A short time later, the FBI and the SEC categorically denied the news and said that the story was a practical joke, but they refused to talk about Carlssin’s alleged case, about the FBI’s own statements about Carlssin’s confession, or to bring any type of detail the existence or not of this supposed person.

However, if this story is a joke, there should be no denials by the press about making statements about the news or whether it was a joke or not. To date, there has been no clarification or comment on the Carlssin case by the  Weekly World News.

Those who call this a joke story, have never presented enough evidence to support that it was all a joke or a montage.  

To date, this story is still a complete mystery despite having already spent almost 10 years since the FBI caught Andrew Carlssin and he confessed to being a temporary traveler who traveled to our time to conduct stock exchanges that he knew beforehand and so on. monopolize a great fortune.

The investigation was born product that the Securities Exchange Security Commission decreed that Andrew Carlssin managed to increase its investment portfolio from 800 to 350 million dollars in just two weeks.

In his interrogation Andrew Carlssin, 44, said that he traveled in time from 200 years in the future and that his knowledge was what allowed him to obtain his fortune.

“It was too tempting to resist. In 2256 knowledge about the instability of the stock market is something so common that every person who knows the history of the stock market can take advantage of it, “Andrew Carlssin said.

He also declined to disclose the location of the so-called “time machine” and discuss how it would work, fearing that technology could fall into the wrong hands.

In addition to this inexplicable story, he agreed that there was no record of him anywhere. Even the photo printed in the New York Times showed that no citizen knew about him.

Currently, the SEC and the FBI deny having had any relationship with Andrew Carlssin. While lawyer Carlssin noted that they should have met in a court hearing on April 2, 2003, but did not file, he simply disappeared.

Some doubt the media, responsible for disseminating this news, such as Weekly World News, because it has no credibility or importance.

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  3. there is no such time traveling in this world, at least not in the past. Let’s say if in future our technology gets some improvements then we’ll only be able to travel in the future. Yes, there are also many things will come into the frame which makes us think impossible. What if someone travels into the past and kills his parents? then how will he take birth and go to the future? and what if he goes to the future and but his death is written after the 10 sec of his depart to the future? so basically these are the things which make us think that going to the future and past in impossible. Yes, we might be able to see our past if we manage to go to some other planets which are far away from us and if we create some big telescope to see the earth from another planet. Because light reflection will take thousands of years to reach to that planet and we will be able to see our ancient.

    1. I have traveled to the past many times, and yes, the people who existed then, at that time, weren’t dead but alive.

  4. I have traveled to the past and to the future, and I achieved this seemingly impossible task without the use of a machine of any sort.

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