UFO on Jupiter : Images released by NASA shows a huge UFO on Jupiter

As the only known place in the universe to house life, the Earth is possibly a strange rock. But light years away from our solar system, other intelligent beings in a similar planetary oasis might be looking in our direction and seeing us as a weak signal that they are not alone in the universe. To date, astronomers have confirmed the existence of almost 4,000 planets beyond our solar system, including some of them that could have the necessary conditions to sustain life as we know it. As our technology advances, we should be able to learn more about these worlds and their possibilities to house plants, animals and perhaps even civilizations.(UFO on Jupiter)

This is what some scientists believe about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets. However, there are many people who are convinced that extraterrestrial life definitely exists, even beings from other planets have visited and continue to visit our world. Even experts in the field claim that there is intelligent life on other planets within this Solar System, but it exists at a much higher frequency of vibration compared to the plane we inhabit on Earth.(UFO on Jupiter)

If, for example, NASA sent astronauts to Venus, they would not discover any sign of the Venusian civilization unless the beings that inhabit the planet choose to let them know of its existence. Without a doubt, it is a possibility. Although now we may have evidence of this theory and in the least expected place: Jupiter. An image recently published by NASA has caused a stir when a mysterious green object floating just above the surface is clearly seen.(UFO on Jupiter)

The Jupiter UFO

The image in question (which you can see here )  was taken by the space probe Juno on September 6, 2018, when the spacecraft made its fifteenth approach to Jupiter. At that time, Juno was 11,950 kilometers from the cloud tops of the planet, on a south latitude of about 22 degrees. This probe is part of NASA’s New Frontiers space program and is dedicated to the study of the planet Jupiter. It shows an elongated and brown oval known as ‘brown barge’, in the South Equatorial Belt of Jupiter.(UFO on Jupiter)

UFO in Jupiter - Social networks burn with a controversial NASA image showing a huge UFO on Jupiter

However, what NASA did not expect is that its image caused a stir on social networks after its publication on September 13. Being a snapshot in high definition, if you expand the top right, you can clearly see a mysterious green object floating very close to the surface of Jupiter. And there were many who argued that the green UFO is irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial life. According to this theory, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have that sophisticated technology to withstand harsh conditions on sterile planets like Jupiter.(UFO on Jupiter)

An advanced civilization inside

Although there is another possibility and is that its interior has a technologically advanced world. Science tells us that Jupiter is a gaseous giant that is made up of helium and hydrogen with a rocky core of enormous mass and extremely massive. So it is impossible for any kind of life to survive inside Jupiter. Even more than 20 years ago, NASA sent the Galileo probe to enter the atmosphere of Jupiter. He managed to enter more than 160 kilometers until finally disintegrated.(UFO on Jupiter)

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What could happen is that the gases of this gigantic planet would protect what it hides inside, a civilization like ours or higher? This would allow intelligent extraterrestrial beings to be able to inhabit in their interior without being detected, entering and leaving freely with their spaceships prepared to support such hostile conditions.

Huge UFO Jupiter - Social networks burned by a controversial NASA image showing a huge UFO on Jupiter

The skeptical explanation

However, skeptics suggest a different theory to explain this mysterious sighting. After analyzing the photo, some experts believe that the UFO could be the result of an anomaly in the image sensor. El reflection of high energy particles hitting the sensors in sunlight may have caused this anomaly. But some conspiracy theorists do not agree with the skeptics and claim that NASA is slowly preparing for a big revelation, and the publication of photos like this is evidence of the slow but imminent acceptance of the existence of extraterrestrial.

Is it a reflection of particles in the lens of the camera, a cosmic phenomenon or could it be something out of this world that humans can not even understand yet? It’s up to you.

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