Another Floating City Appears On A Chinese City, A Portal To A Parallel Universe?

Before starting if we say “Fata Morgana” the first thing that comes to mind is something related to a strange cult. But it is not so, Fata Morgana is supposedly related to the floating cities, one of those rare and unusual mirages that appear mainly in China.

Although the real mystery that is baffling is because they are occurring so often, and not just in China but throughout the world. However, for some reason, we do not know China seems to be the epicenter of these sightings.

In 2015, thousands of people saw a city “floating city” over Foshan city, in the province of Guangzhou, China, and a few days later, some residents of Jiangxi province, China, also claimed to have seen a similar city between clouds.

In 2016, in the city of Dalian, located in the south of Liaoning Province, northeast of China, hundreds of people witnessed another mysterious “floating city.” Earlier this year, residents of Yueyang prefecture in Hunan province of China shared strange images of huge buildings popping up from the clouds near a lake.

A strange “floating city” was formed in the overcast sky over Jieyang, in the Province of Guangzhou, China, on Friday, April 21, 2017. As you can see the list is endless. And now transparent tall buildings have appeared in the air after a storm in China

The return of the floating city in China

People in north-central China have been shocked after seeing what appeared to be a floating city, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. A video of just 25 seconds published by the local media, clearly shows high buildings transparent in the sky, with all its structure.

The sighting occurred shortly after a hailstorm, on June 6 in Wuzhong City. However, some netizens suggested that the mysterious buildings corresponded to a mirage, or Fata Morgana, an optical phenomenon in which an object is reflected in the sky, land, or sea.

The Meteorological Office of the Hui Autonomous Region of Ningxia registered precipitation of more than 100 mm and issued a hail storm warning in the afternoon of June 6.

But not everyone agrees with this theory, as those who witnessed the mysterious scene in the sky were not able to identify the origin of the supposed reflection of buildings. It is for this reason that some say that it was a ghost town, a portal to a parallel universe, or some government experiment. But leaving aside the hypotheses and theories, what really matters to us is because this type of sightings has become more common, especially in China.

One idea is that the dense pollution always present in China causes people’s vision to be blurred by the hazy air, causing strange and mysterious visions that could otherwise be easily identified. Then there is climate change. Strong storms are more frequent all over the world, causing fogs that along with the smog blur the horizon.

However, the mirages of ships that appear in the clear skies can be the result of atmospheric investments caused more frequently by climatic change.

Floating City
Floating City Appears In China

But we have to say that this is the skeptical version. We can also find theories of portals to parallel universes, government conspiracies to control the weather, or some type of holographic weapon to frighten the masses, known as the Blue Beam Project.

There will always be skeptics and unbelievers. The important thing is to have your own opinion on the strange phenomena in the sky and to have an open mind. Humanity depends on it.

What do you think? A ghost town, a portal to a parallel universe, some government experiment? Or is it simply the mirage or optical illusion known as Fata Morgana? It’s up to you.

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