Russian scientists find extraterrestrial life forms on the surface of the International Space Station

In the popular 1951 science fiction film “Ultimatum to Earth,” an alien named Klaatu (played by actor Michael Rennie) visits Earth to save us from ourselves. History is a masterpiece of science fiction, but it could also be a reality. For example, to be able to detect a dangerous accumulation of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and come to save us from global warming, an alien who could travel at the speed of light would have to live no more than 50 light-years away .(Russian scientists find extraterrestrial life)

However, some people think that aliens would not make such a trip, simply because they have no interest in our problems. But it is also possible that they are already here, but not in the way that we believe. Russian scientists suggest that micrometeorites and the constant bombardment of comet dust on the International Space Station (ISS) could contain extraterrestrial life forms.(Russian scientists find extraterrestrial life)

Extraterrestrial microorganisms

According to the Russian Federal Space Agency, known as Roscosmos, there is reason to believe that micrometeorites and comet dust bombarding the outer surface of the International Space Station (ISS) could contain microbial life forms that are entirely Extraterrestrial origin.

“Micrometeorites and dust from comets that are deposited on the surface of the ISS may contain substances of extraterrestrial biogenic origin in their natural form,” Roscosmos said in a statement released Friday, May 26. “The surface of the ISS is possibly a single collector and easily accessible for biomaterial of extraterrestrial origin.”

Russian astronauts collected 19 dust samples from the outer surface of the ISS during spacewalks conducted since 2010 as part of a series of experiments called “Test” . Preliminary laboratory tests on the samples raised certain suspicions that the dust on the surface of the ISS could contain ” biomaterial” of extraterrestrial origin.(Russian scientists find extraterrestrial life)

Russian scientists find extraterrestrial life forms


However, the US magazine Newsweek criticized Russian analysts, saying they would have to do more thorough testing before confirming that the strange “biogenic substances” are extraterrestrial life forms or microbes of extraterrestrial origin. But Russian scientists have stated that a more thorough analysis will prove them right in their theories.

British astrophysicist Chandra Wickramasinghe, a professor at Buckingham University, praised Russian study as the “most significant development of the century” that could revolutionize our understanding of life on Earth and in space.

“We are now closer than ever to recognizing the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, it’s a very exciting development ,” Chandra said. “For years, people have tried to discredit the theories of life on other planets, very soon, they simply will not be able to do this.”

Russian scientists find extraterrestrial life forms


Professor Milton Wainwright of the University of Sheffield and the Center for Astrobiology at Buckingham University said that in other similar studies, he found algae- like particles of extraterrestrial origin in the Earth’s stratosphere, praising Russian research.

“We believe that one possibility is that organisms originate from comets, a view that is in line with old existing theories , Wainwright explained. “These are startling reports from Russia, where scientists claim to have found life in cosmic dust on the outer windows of the International Space Station. Coming from an official at the Russian space agency Roscosmos, it’s a real boost to what we’ve been saying for years, that there’s life outside Earth. “

It seems that there is more and more evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life, although not as we think. But it is also possible that these strange microorganisms can access the Earth, and who knows, we could find a scenario like “The invasion of the super-bodies . Everything is possible.

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