Anunnaki And Gold: Why Were The Annunaki Obsessed With Gold?

Gold to humanity is of utmost value in today’s world. There are various purposes for which this expensive element is used. Other than Jewelry, it is widely used in electrical components and in almost everything that is associated with electricity. It is an irreplaceable technological resource for any intelligent lifeform. No other particle has been discovered yet that could be used at its place. What were the reasons that led to the Anunnaki and their obsession with Gold?

Certain reasons due to which gold is highly valued are its electrical conductivity, malleability, and its ability to be used in extremely small forms as nanoparticles.

Anunnaki And Gold: Why Were The Annunaki Obsessed With Gold?

The Anunnaki And Gold

It is believed that the Anunnaki were an ancient alien race who possessed highly advanced technology. The reason that brought them to Earth was the abundance of Gold present on the blue planet. Hence, it is assumed that the Anunnaki utilized gold in more than one form to travel through space. They could have been using gold as an energy source due to its certain qualities such as thermoelectric effects. It allows the gold to transform the absorbed heat into electricity, resulting in clean and efficient energy.

Gold is also a good conductor of infrared light. Infrared is basically light, one cannot see it, however, it can be witnessed in form of heat. The process involves radiation interacting with molecules, causing them to vibrate faster. Gold acts as an excellent heat shield, because of its flexibility.

Anunnaki And Gold: Why Were The Annunaki Obsessed With Gold?
Concept CPU and Motherboard chipset components made of Gold

Gold is highly malleable and can be shaped into an extremely thin sheet. It posses excellent reflecting and heat protection, proving gold to be the only element that can withstand the test of time. Gold is invincible when it comes to advanced technology.

The Ancient Sumerian Civilization utilized the precious metals thousands of years ago in figures and erection of several buildings. Anything that has been made up of gold thousands of years ago remains perpetual. Those idols and buildings still exist in today’s time. Not just the Ancient Sumerian Civilization, but also the ancient alien civilization across the world held the element “Gold” of utmost value.

An author of nonfictional books, Zecharia Sitchin proposed theories concerning the origins of humans involving ancient astronauts. He stated that “the Annunaki” descended from another planet, called Nibiru that has a 3,600- year elliptical orbit.

The atmosphere of the said planet begun to deplete, especially the Gold. They descended on Earth with the purpose of extracting Gold in order to fix their home planet ‘Nibiru’. According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Annunaki genetically altered primitive mankind and originated a labor force of humans. They were assigned the task of gold mining.

‘Adamu’ were the first human beings created by the Anunnaki 450,000 years ago. The theorist, Zecharia has asserted that it is carved upon a stone and is not just a fabricated story. When both Bible and ancient history is looked at together, it is difficult to ignore the similarities between “Adam and Eve” and the “First genetically created humans”. A detailed comparison between the Hebrew Bible and Sumerian Texts reveals similarities not only in their stories but also in their language.

Is it possible that they have a similar origin? Interestingly, ‘Adam’ in Hebrew stands for “man”. “Adamu” means the first man as per the Sumerians. Is it a mere coincidence or is there more to it that we have not yet discovered? Several African cultures believe that other-worldly beings have been visiting Earth for thousands of years and. The Zulu legends narrate the tale of visitors from the stars.

Who was the Anunnaki? Did they really visit us thousands of years ago? If they did, then where are they now? Are the similarities between various cultures and ancient textbooks enough to establish the existence of Anunnaki? This mystery could be unveiled in the caves of Qumran, where a large number of enigmatic scrolls were discovered from 1947 to 1956. One such scroll, called Copper Scroll narrates the location of hidden treasures on Earth.

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