The Great Library Of Alexandria: Did It Contain Information About Aliens And Who Destroyed It?

It is believed that the Great Library of Alexandria had information stored from all over the world.
Around millions of ancient texts from various regions of the world and many other powerful civilizations glorified the shelves of the Great Library of Alexandria at one point.

The devastating demise of the Great Library has been considered as one of the biggest losses of the ancient world.
No traces of the library have ever been discovered, but historic records speak of its sorrowful destruction and a significant amount of knowledge was destroyed along with the library.
It is said that the library had important data about our world that is lost forever, and it also had information about otherworldly visitors.

origin of alexandria

Alexander the great, discovered one of the greatest cities of the ancient world, after his conquest of Egypt in 332 BC.
After the death of Alexander, the destiny of Egypt fell into the hands of one of his lieutenants, Ptolemy.
Under his reign, Alexandria replaced the ancient city of Memphis as the capital of Egypt which marked the beginning of its growth.
The Ptolemy kings became patrons of scholarship and learnings, which eventually led to the formation of the Great Library of Alexandria.

The Great Library Of Alexandria

Great Library of Alexandria- Pool of knowledge including the facts about alien sightings

It is known that the Great Library of Alexandria accumulated knowledge that travelers, scholars, scientists, or astronomers of the ancient time acquired on their journeys and shared with the world.
Many believe inside the library, there were tales and data that remain an enigma even to this day. 
It is speculated that the documents could include information related to aliens.
Records of various travelers and historians about extraterrestrials could have been in the Library of Alexandria.

Alien encounters and UFO sightings are not something new.
However, in this era, the sightings are much more frequent because technology allows us to capture them easily.
However, this does not suggest that similar incidents did not happen in ancient times, so it is possible that these encounters could have been recorded and stored in the Great Library of Alexandria.

For years, we have wanted chronologically arrange the historical figures who have encountered or witnessed otherworldly beings.
Numerous historical records of different cultures talk about otherworldly visitors and space ships, which make us believe that there were numerous UFO encounters or extraterrestrials in the past, such as the Egyptians. 
Vimana, the powerful spaceship has been widely mentioned in the Hindu Religious Text, Ramayana.
Even the Bible has mentioned about unidentified flying objects and enigmatic abductions.

So, it would not be surprising that within the largest Library of antiquity, there were eyewitness accounts, records, encounters, and types of data that could have practically confirmed the existence of aliens.
Unfortunately, such information is unlikely to have survived the destruction.

Pushpak Vimana

The Great Library of Alexandria was the cradle of world knowledge, and the authors of the writings stored in the shelves of the library kept copies for themselves or took the copies with themselves to someplace else.
This is how we have obtained different historical sources in which strange interactions are clearly mentioned that could be ships and beings from other worlds.
Plutarch is one of the most enigmatic ancient historians of antiquity and most of his work got lost in time.
The only thing that has survived to date are small fragments of his work.
Only a few of his works are complete and comprehensible, however, we found relevant information, such as Lucullus’ biography which narrates about an event that was lived and recorded by Plutarco.
Interestingly, the event has nothing to do with politics.
The story says that in the “Third Mithridatic War”, Lucullus was at the head of his army and was proceeding towards the battle.
 At that moment, the sky “opened”, providing space to a UFO.

“A rapidly descending object resembling a flame, which looked like a vase in shape and like annealed metal bright in color.”

According to historical records, Alexander the Great, also experienced similar phenomena that could be classified as an extraterrestrial phenomenon.
The story narrates that while leading his army in Tire, he received help from three “great silver shields” that came from heaven.
During the battle of Jaxartes, Alexander the Great asserted to have spotted UFOs that attacked with fireballs.
Surprisingly, it is mentioned that UFOs fired a beam at the Tyre fortress, destroying it and allowing Alexander’s troops to enter.
The mysterious shields are said to reappear in the fight against the Indian army, and it was reported that they flew over the river where the battle was taking place.

These are a few accounts of UFO encounters that were found in the Library of Alexandria related to aliens, that have been recorded and survived the passage of time to this day.
Unfortunately, much knowledge was destroyed with the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.
The question is who destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria?

Who destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria?

The shelves of the library of Alexandria was filled with the thoughts, ideas, and work of numerous great thinkers of that age.
Numerous Scientists, mathematicians, poets, historians from all civilizations across the world came to study and exchange ideas at the renowned library.
The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is considered as one of the most sorrowful tragedy that hit us and moreover, researchers and scholars still cannot agree upon how it was destroyed.

The First Theory: Did Fire destroy the library?

One interesting account of its destruction is mentioned in the writings of the Romans.
As per the view of several authors, the Library was accidentally destroyed by Julius Caesar during the siege of Alexandria in 48 BC.

When the enemy tried to cut off his (Julius Caesar’s) fleet, he was forced to repel the danger by using fire, and this spread from the dockyards and destroyed the great library.

Plutarch, The Life of Julius Caesar, 49.6

However, the account of Plutarch is uncertain, as it was mentioned by Geographer Strabo about 30 years after Caesar’s siege of Alexandria that the museum which was right next to the library was safe.
Though Strabo does not mention the Library of Alexandria itself, thereby supporting the claim that Caesar indeed was responsible for burning the library down.

As Strabo mentioned that the museum was right next to the library, there is a possibility that library of Alexandria was still in existence during Strabo’s time.
However, he did not mention the Great library of Alexandria specifically, there is a possibility that Strabo did not feel the need of mentioning the library, as he had already mentioned the museum, or that the library was no longer a place for people to exchange ideas and discuss their works.
Moreover, it has been indicated that it was the warehouse, where the crucial documents and scrolls were kept, not the library and the warehouse was burnt down.

Second theory: Did Christians destroy the library?

The second theory suggests that Christians of the 4th century AD were the real culprits and brought the end of the library.
In 391 AD, Emperor Theodosius issued an order which outlawed pagan practices.
Temples were converted into churches and many documents are believed to have been destroyed in the process.
Ten percent of the documents of the library of Alexandria is also thought to be destroyed while executing the order.
However, no ancient source mentions a library being destroyed in the specific period, hence, there is no evidence that proves that the Christians destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria.

The Great Library Of Alexandria

Third theory: Did muslim rulers destroyed the library?

The last possible destroyer of the Great Library of Alexandria would be Muslim Caliph, Omar.
As per an account, Omar, the victorious Muslim general was asked about what to do with books to which he replied,

If those books are in agreement with the Quran, we have no need of them; and if these are opposed to the Quran, destroy them.

However, this theory is also dubious, as there is no mention of any library, only books, and this account was written by a Syrian Christian writer, who may have penned these accounts in order to tarnish the reputation of Muslim Caliph, Omar.

Well, who destroyed the Great library of Alexandria, the mystery still remains.
Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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