“Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind”: The miniseries that details its History

“ANUNNAKI – Messengers of the Wind”, is the first alternative story story. Created by the Brazilian rock band Mensageiros do Vento, this miniseries is based on translations of ancient clay tablets found among the ruins of Sumer, possibly the cradle of human civilization. Then the 5 episodes and their explanation.(Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind)

The ancient Sumerian texts refer to the Anunnaki as “those who descended from heaven” a race of extremely powerful and advanced beings who created humanity hundreds of thousands of years ago. According to history the twelfth planet, known as Nibiru was populated by humanoids very similar to us humans.(Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind)

After life in their home world was threatened by extensive volcanic eruptions, tensions within their society became as great a danger as the volcanoes themselves. A group of explorers is sent on a search mission to the entire Solar System, hoping to find the cure for their dying world. Fortune smiled at them and the Anunnaki found the Earth, or as they called it, Ki. Here, the air was breathable, the weather was precious and the resources abound. Especially gold.

When Nibiru approached Earth’s orbit, approximately 432,000 years before Christ, the Nibiruans used spacecraft to send people and essential goods from their planet to Earth. After reaching the surface, the advanced beings established bases in ancient Mesopotamia. In memory of the largest metropolis of Nibiru, the Anunnaki built Eridu, their first place on Earth and the true “Eden”, some would argue. In order to extract precious metal, gold mines were established in southern Africa, where they found this mineral abundant.

Because the work as a miner was not owned by the teachers of Nibiru, the Anunnaki were sent to do the work for them. Treated as a kind of slaves, they represented the working element of this society, even though their physical and intellectual features were considered imposing even for our modern human standards today. Because of their superior features, the Anunnaki soon rebelled against their supervisors and demanded that they create an inferior being to do this little work instead.

Their leaders consulted and finally came to the conclusion that a minor being was really necessary for this type of exploitative work, so they created a new breed by combining their own genes with those of the more evolved primates that lived on Earth at that time . It was probably Australopithecus.

At first, Enki and Ninmah (two of the leaders) designed beings of formidable strength and size that worked for the Anunnaki on Earth, helping them to extract gold. As perfect as this sounds, their creation had an important flow – they could not reproduce, and so the so-called “gods” had to continually make more of them to keep the mining process running to the desired capacity.

Over time, Enki and Ninmah developed several beings until they achieved the desired goal. After all their struggle, the individuals they had created were able to speak, and most importantly they were able to produce their own children, in this way the first human race appeared in the form of Homo Erectus. Each time Nibiru left Earth, a part of the “gods” returned to their home planet until the cycle of 3,600 years, a period of time that the Sumerians called Sar, was completed.

Meanwhile, the Anunnaki remained on Earth to deal with the gold mines and so-called slaves, which were dominated by their “gods.” Because individuals had been created in the image and likeness of the Anunnaki, some characteristics in common prevailed and began to strive for earthly desires.

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Taking advantage of the situation, the slaves formed an alliance and rebelled against their Masters, as did the Anunnaki once. Many of them managed to escape from the mines and finally settled as free people in other parts of the Earth, living their lives as described in many ancient texts – “like the Wild Beasts.”

After the 3,600 year cycle was completed once again, the Anunnaki Leaders returned to Earth and were displeased to see that the situation was out of control. They sentenced the Anunnaki to work again in the mines. During their brief stay on planet Earth, the Masters performed more experiments to create a more sophisticated race of workers. They made Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus until finally they developed a race able to think, to speak and to reproduce, and thus created the Man also known like Homo Sapiens.(Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind)

Anunnaki - Messengers of the Wind

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