Google Earth Shows Remains Of A Mysterious Base In Antarctica

The so-called “virtual archaeologists” using Google Earth claim to have discovered remains of a mysterious base in Antarctica between the Antarctic ice sheet. The huge structure is between the coast of Prince Olaf and the coast of Prince Harald. Climate changes taking place on Earth have led to the gradual decrease in the volume of the Antarctic ice sheet causing various foreign objects to emerge from underneath the ice.

When thinking of Hitler and Nazi Germany, there are some people who argue that the Nazis took control of part of Antarctica and built underground bunkers where they conducted experiments and created new technology. 

This theory originated from a story about a Nazi expedition to Antarctica. Apparently, while exploring and making topographic maps, they discovered a multitude of caves and underground rivers. One of the caves was particularly large and became a large city that housed both the Nazis and other powerful groups, such as the Illuminati.

They also encountered alien technology. The Germans learned to use technology and were able to make various weapons. 

The Nazis carried out the expedition to Antarctica sometime in 1938. Experts in the field say that it was a large-scale expedition, with navy ships and scientists. Subsequently, the Nazis managed to build huge cities so that they could survive the defeat of the Second World War. 

Everyone believes that there is no evidence that the Nazis achieved such an achievement, however, there are many people who continue to claim to have found evidence of Nazis in Antarctica.

The Mysterious Base In Antarctica

Base In Antarctica

Most of the time they are melted chunks of ice forming pareidolias, but at other times it is suspiciously similar to a man-made structure. The anomaly was found in the following coordinates: 69 ° 53’40.85 “S 38 ° 42’18.25” E.

According to the researchers, the structure discovered in Antarctica is about 300 meters long and about 50 meters wide. Nearby are walls and a 10-meter high tower.

In addition, the finding may indicate that in ancient times in Antarctica there could have been a civilization unknown to us, which for some reason disappeared. Probably hundreds of thousands of years ago, some kind of natural cataclysm occurred on Earth, rendering the southern continent uninhabitable.

“Something huge located between the Prince Olaf shoreline and the Prince Harald shoreline is melting from the Antarctic ice sheet,” reads the video description. “A huge structure hidden under the Antarctic ice sheet has become visible due to climate change. The unnatural structure or crack in the ice sheet is 300 meters long, the width is between 30 and 50 meters, including huge walls and a 10-meter high tower. Could it be an ancient settlement, a base built long ago when Antarctica was not yet a frozen continent, or is it something extraterrestrial? “

Others have suggested that these structures were erected not long ago, or rather in the last century, by soldiers of the Third Reich. One possibility is that Others have suggested that these structures were erected not long ago, or rather in the last century, by soldiers of the Third Reich. One possibility is that somewhere under a layer of snow, well-preserved secret Nazi bases are hidden in Antarctica.

If the process of global warming continues for several more decades, Antarctica will offer us much more evidence of what is hidden in the frozen continent. However, this is not the first time someone has discovered mysterious structures in Antarctica. Last year the popular YouTuber MrMBB333 claimed to have found a metallic structure similar to a hidden thermal vent at coordinates 66º36’11.0 ″ S 99º43’13.0 ″ E.

According to data obtained with Google Earth tools, the anomaly was approximately 45 meters wide with two distinctive features: a pitch-black “opening” and a metal “shield”. As has happened with the recent anomaly, the vast majority of Internet users were fascinated by the size of the “iron dome” and suggested that it was access to an alien base and the “dome” is the entry point for UFOs.

What do you think of this new discovery? Is it an alien base, Nazi, or perhaps the remains of an ancient civilization?

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