Apocalyptic Sounds Are Back: Terrifying Sounds Are Heard Around The World

Strange noises in our skies have been heard on various continents, with no apparent explanation. In recent years, an increasing number of people have published videos on the Internet showing this strange phenomenon , both during the day and at night. In some cases, the mysterious sounds were accompanied by tremors and people frozen in terror. The videos have been uploaded from places as far away as Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Australia, and North America.

As we have discussed in various posts, the phenomenon has been variably described as the sound of a trumpet, a metallic screeching sound, an airplane engine, a loud noise, even a buzzing noise. So what is really causing the noise? Although scientists point to natural causes, such as earthquakes, tidal waves, methane blasts, and even shifting sand dunes, the reality is that it continues unexplained. But the last thing we could think of with all that is happening is that these sounds are being heard all over the world.

Mysterious sounds around the world

One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is that the noise level has dropped dramatically, to the point where many parts of the world are disturbingly quiet. Lack of noise is also allowing people to hear something really mysterious. We are talking about creepy horns, buzzing or trumpets. The same has happened in Brazil, Slovakia, USA. USA, Israel or Argentina, where citizens are publishing videos, sharing their experiences, and even asking for help.

Brazilian news portal O Tempo reported numerous cases of people listening to a variety of inexplicable sounds across the country , including in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil. The strange noise in the sky became a trend on Twitter, however, there was no official explanation. According to Bernardo Riedel, astronomer and professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), his son also told him about this phenomenon.

“He was at home and he asked me if I had also heard a low sound, a noise,” said Riedel.

According to the expert, bodies in the solar system, such as so-called “aerolites” (small asteroids that constantly fall on Earth), can penetrate the atmosphere, move in the air and cause noise, but in this case, he says that sound would be impossible to be heard.

“And if it were an asteroid, you could even hear the noise, but it wouldn’t repeat itself,” the astronomer emphasized.

Almost at the same time, “trumpet-like” sounds were heard in Bratislava. In this case, there are several YouTube videos of the sounds, which are more like “deep breathing” than trumpets. A scientific explanation is that it could be the displacement of the tectonic plates that rub against the lost microcontinent of the Great Adrian below Europe, although there were no records of earthquakes or other seismic activities.

And in the Argentine city of Olavarría, province of Buenos Aires, strange and inexplicable sounds of various kinds were also recorded, some of which caused reactions in the dogs. Neither researchers, nor astronomers, nor meteorologists have been able to find a logical and rational explanation. Meanwhile, in the USA. In the US, strange sounds were recorded in Belton, Missouri, and southern Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as other places like Israel. Some have suggested that the mysterious phenomenon is being caused by 5G , but while this technology is believed to affect the immune system and could be behind the coronavirus pandemic, there is currently no evidence that 5G towers are doing any kind. of noise.

Apocalyptic Sounds Are Back: Terrifying Sounds Are Heard Around The World

Those are just some of the latest sounds, but there are many more. This brings us to the next possibility: that these noises are the so-called apocalyptic trumpets and that they announce the imminent end of time. Biblical prophecy experts say a series of catastrophic events will take place during the “Last Days” to enact God’s judgment on earth. after the opening of the “Seventh Seal (Revelation 8: 1)” silence will fill heaven. And it will be then when the angels will blow the seven trumpets, the next septet of judgment.

The truth is that this explanation is quite disturbing, especially as a result of the moment we are in. But who knows, it could also be that the strange sounds are announcing the arrival of a great and catastrophic asteroid . Perhaps sooner than later we will know the truth.

What do you think about all these mysterious sounds? Is it related to the coronavirus pandemic? Apocalyptic signs? Or just natural phenomena?

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  1. With so much secrecy and corruption, I wouldn’t doubt that the CIA has done these noises world wide to drive people crazy.

    They’re involved in everything. I trust no one.

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