Little-known UFO photographs that were recognized as authentic

Nowadays, due to the proliferation of quality photo editors and the lack of negatives, a huge number of UFO photos are considered fakes. Unfortunately, this leaves a negative imprint on the whole subject of ufology.

You probably have never seen these photos before, because they rarely hit the press, but they can be found in the archives of ufologists.

These pictures were checked by experts and they did not reveal any cases of photomontage, in addition, they even had the opportunity to study the negatives and also did not find anything suspicious about them.

UFO in Hungary

On October 27, 1996, Lajos Kozina came to visit her friend at her parents’ house, which was located in the small village of Erpatak in the Sabolc-Satmar region, Hungary 

UFO in Hungary Lajos Kozina

At some point, Lajosh and his girlfriend went out for a walk in the field behind the house and there Lajosh took some pictures of his girlfriend on his camera. Neither before nor after photographing did they notice anything unusual around. 

A few weeks later, Lajoche finally found the time and decided to print the photographs. Suddenly, in one shot, he saw a strange silvery rounded object in the sky. It soared low over the girl’s head. 

Lajosh marveled at the subject, but decided not to show the photo to anyone. Only a few months later he could not stand it and showed the picture to his friend, who was also fond of photography. He tried to find out from him whether it could be some kind of shooting defect or an optical phenomenon. 

A friend of Lajos immediately said that it looked like a real UFO, and then, with the permission of Lajos, he sent the picture to the Hungarian ufological organization HUFON. The organization’s experts studied the image and did not find any traces of the fact that it was somehow edited. 

They also noted that judging by the clarity of the image, at the time of the shooting, the UFO either moved very slowly, or even stood still. And that this UFO was definitely not some kind of disc-shaped object thrown into the air (such fakes are easily recognized).

In the end, the ufologists from HUFON came to the conclusion that the image is really authentic, and the size of the captured object is several meters in diameter. 

Snapshot of Hannah McRoberts

Some ufologists directly call this photo the “Best Shot of a Flying Saucer.” The picture was taken in October 1981 in the vicinity of Vancouver Island (Canada).

25-year-old Hannah McRoberts, along with her relatives, came to rest for a week in the house they rented in the picturesque area of ​​Kelsey Bay, on the east coast of Vancouver Island. During this vacation, the girl took many photographs whenever she walked along the shore.

At some point, Hannah saw a hanging small neat white clouds over a small mountain covering the forest and photographed this mountain. During the shooting, she did not see anything moving in the sky, much less any flying saucers. 

A little later, Hannah handed the film over to print a photo in a photo studio, and when she took the package with photos and began to examine it, then she saw a clear disk-shaped UFO in the picture with the mountain and clouds. 

Snapshot of Hannah McRoberts
Snapshot of Hannah McRoberts

Hannah was amazed, and then began to look for an UFO expert who could tell more about the pictures. She contacted David Powell, who worked at the Vancouver Planetarium, and he, in turn, showed a photo to researcher Bill Allan, who contacted a group of ufologists from Arizona (USA). 

At each of these stages, the picture and the negative were studied and no one found traces of fake. 

In the end, the photo came to Richard Hines, editor of Scientific Exploration, who personally checked the materials as carefully as possible and concluded that Hannah McRoberts captured a real object that was moving across the sky. But what was this object, the question remained open. 

UFO in Austria

On May 21, 1971, Rudy Nagora, a musician from Munich, was relaxing with his wife in a place near St. Lorenzen, Styria, Austria. The couple went on a picnic and at some point, Nagora looked out for a suitable clearing and went out to check it while his wife remained in the car on the road. 

Before Nagor could go a couple of tens of meters to the glade he had chosen, he heard an incomprehensible whistling sound coming from above. Raising his head, the man saw a brilliant silver-white disk that hung low above the ground almost above the head of Nagora. 

Two snapshots of Nagora. 
Below are enlarged fragments with a UFO)

Then the object began to move in jerky zigzag movements and Nagora realized that he had to photograph it with his camera, which was in the car. He ran to the car with all his might, pulled out the apparatus, barely answering the questions of his surprised wife, and then began to shoot the UFO.

Nagora managed to take 12 photos before the UFO suddenly accelerated sharply and disappeared from sight. Of these 12 shots, two were particularly clear. 

Later, Nagora showed the shots he had made to his acquaintances, who told their acquaintances and soon thousands of Munich residents began to fuss about the captured disk. When the rumors reached the local ufologist Adolf Gigantaler, he met with Nagora and carefully studied his photographs, not finding any signs of fake in them. 

Years later, photographs of Nagora were repeatedly studied by skeptics and experts, but they also could not expose them. 

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