Project Blackout: The Government May Cause A Technology blackout Reveals Informants

Life without the ‘World Wide Web’ seems almost unimaginable, and the world without the Internet in 2020 almost seems impossible too, but what if we had a technology blackout.

Project Blackout: The Government May Cause A Technology Blackout Reveals Informants

In recent years there has been a great controversy about the existence of life outside of Earth and about the scope of humanity.

Many informants have offered their testimonies and have declared to be very close to demonstrating these realities. 
Corey Goode, David Wilcock are some of the names related to secret programs and assure that a new era is coming.

David Wilcock is an American writer and researcher. Since 2015, he joined Corey Goode to star in a show on Gaia TV called “Cosmic Disclosure.”

There they share knowledge and devotion to advanced technologies and has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, bringing their stories to all humanity.

In addition to this, David Wilcock announced a few months ago that “a three-day blackout without Internet or telephone could happen at any moment.”

“During these three days ‘of darkness’ everyone would be asked not to go out on the streets, unless strictly necessary, because special military operations would be carried out.”

“This information comes from four high-level military sources, not connected to each other, one of which has five more independent sources that confirmed this information.”

Project Blackout: The Government May Cause A Technology Blackout Reveals Informants

“It is likely that the emergency alert system is used, which has nothing to do with the Internet network, or with the telephone network.”

“Apparently, during these three days of the telephone cutoff, the president would communicate with the people through the presidential emergency alert system.”

“It is likely that during these three days of darkness many of the sealed indictments will be opened and the mass arrests will begin.”

David said that “there are still many people with fear and they think that all this is something very uncertain, but what will happen during those three days will be very exciting,” in his opinion.

At that time, the more than 150,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the United States would be opened at once.

“With more than a million reservists and military personnel on the streets making mass arrests, they would be encouraged to stay home.”

“All communication with the public would be done through the Emergency Transmission System.”

David Wilcock announced that he had known about this for a long time, and he discussed it with his wife, but he did not want to reveal it then so as not to warn the enemy, and also he did not have permission to leak this information.

What do you think about technology blackout?

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  1. I guess as long as we have power and all our medications and food we need that would be okay. Would like more info and maybe an idea of when this will occur.

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