The Lie We Live In- Are We Really Free In This World

Is true freedom attainable in our world? The essential elements for our survival—food, water, and land—are all under the ownership of corporations. The trees no longer provide sustenance, the rivers no longer offer fresh water, and obtaining a piece of land to build a home is an arduous task.

Any attempt to claim what the earth naturally offers can lead to imprisonment. Consequently, we find ourselves obediently abiding by the rules imposed upon us.

The Lie We Live In- Are We Really Free In This World

Individually, our journeys hold unique significance, but when combined, we become mere fuel—fuel for the elite powers that lurk behind corporate logos. This is the world we inhabit, where the most valuable resource is not found on the ground; rather, it is us, the people. We construct their cities and operate their machinery. Money, although not their driving force, serves as their tool for control. It is the means through which they manipulate and govern us, providing us with the illusion of sustenance, transportation, and entertainment. They bestowed upon us currency, and in return, we surrendered them the world.

When will we awaken to the realization that money cannot be consumed? In essence, it holds no intrinsic value. It is not us who are solely responsible for destroying the planet; instead, we are inadvertently eradicating all life within it.

By analyzing this video, we can discern that societal coercion, as proposed by Émile Durkheim, compels us collectively. The influence of the herd effect, amplified by our increasingly technological world, leads to ever-changing behavioral patterns. Simultaneously, technology categorizes us into distinct groups, within which individualism is celebrated.

The Lie We Live In- Are We Really Free In This World

In this new world, we, the slaves, obediently unite when instructed, transforming into a herd showcased by the media. Consider the sporting events orchestrated by major television networks: upon receiving the command, the masses gather to revel in entertainment, yearning to feel connected to the current. Consequently, we exist under conditioned lives, where has our autonomy disappeared?

The same scenario unfolds during elections, where the media dictate whom we should vote for. This pattern persists, and the issue lies in the fact that when we find ourselves alone, the vast majority seek collective acceptance to feel part of a whole. Where has our individuality gone?

Regrettably, we fail to recognize that politicians do not serve us; rather, they serve those who finance their rise to power. What we truly need are leaders, not mere politicians. However, within this world of followers, we have forgotten how to lead ourselves. There is no need to wait any longer for change; we must actively pursue and embody the change we wish to see.

Perhaps now, it becomes clear to you how the media exploits us, manipulating our minds from a young age to sow ideas that align with the interests of the elites

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