Top 5 True Alien Abduction Incidents Of All Time

This articles feature most terrifying alien abduction stories from around the world.

Many people from around the world claim to be abducted by alien beings in a spacecraft. Here are the top 5 true alien abduction cases brought to you by the infinity explorers team.

The Alien Abduction Of Betty And Barney Hill

One night, Betty and Barney Hill were driving home from their vacation in Canada. They saw what they assumed was a meteor, till it moved upward. the 2 of them got out of the car, curiosity reordering their sense of reason for an instant. whereas they were observing the flying saucer, it suddenly veered right at them. Naturally, the 2 hurried back to their car and took off, however, this wasn’t the end of their experience—they claimed to have lost 2 hours they can not account for. They recalled “repressed memories” of abduction whereas they were hypnotized, and each claimed that their watches stopped after the incident.

Alien Abduction

The Kentucky Incident

Three ladies were driving close to Stanford, Kentucky after they were allegedly abducted by aliens. Afterward, all 3 ladies got hypnosis sessions, and every one of them had an identical story. They even took a lie detector test and passed with flying colors.

At the very least, all of them believe it happened. stranger still, many folks within the area reported a flying saucer sighting around the same time the ladies were kidnapped.

Alien Abduction

The Disappearing

A woman named Sonia believed that she was abducted, and days later, she saw a chopper that was piloted by an odd man in black. that very same night, her girl complained concerning something “pulling at her leg.” after this, her husband placed CCTVs within the house to record any longer happenings (but simply to make his wife feel better). Some who saw the video believe her story, however, others might not be thus simply convinced. The video shows her “disappearing,” which isn’t hard to fake during a video.

Alien Abduction

The Abduction at the summer camp

According to 2 teenagers, they were kidnapped whereas working at their summer camp. They saw a UFO at the docks and could see aliens within.

Then they were hit by a beam of light and didn’t remember anything. They believe they were taken aboard an alien ship and had varied samples taken from their bodies. The aliens didn’t have ears or lips and solely had slits for noses and webbed fingers.

one among the teenagers also recounted them wanting world peace for our planet (which they paradoxically claimed they had already achieved). the freelance investigation found that some people that were unaware of their story reported strange lights at the camp on the same night, and others at the camp have reported being abducted.

Alien Abduction

The Abduction Of Twin Sisters

Two twin sisters reported often encountering aliens since they were as young as 5 years old. They claimed they might see a light and then aliens would enter their room (wearing capes) and take them aboard their ship. the girls had their own nickname for the aliens: the bald men. one in all the twins claimed that in abduction, the whole starship became transparent on the inside and she could look down at the earth below.

Sleep paralysis

The real men in black

In 1978, a person named Dr. Hopkins had been finding out a UFO case once he received a mysterious telephone call from a person who claimed to represent a ufo organization—which later proved to be false. when Hopkins was in agreement to talk, the person was at the door immediately.

The person was utterly bald—even his eyebrows—and didn’t even have lips, however, he tried to cover it by wearing red lipstick. He spoke in a monotone voice and made a coin disappear. Then he told the doctor to stop all analysis and destroy his proof.

the person behaved as if he was running out of power near the end of the encounter and vanished into a light outside. Hopkins had another encounter with the same man, however, an equally odd lady accompanied him.

This time, the person created sexually inappropriate comments in addition to behaving within the same strange robotic manner and disappearing mysteriously. luckily for Dr. Hopkins, this was his last encounter.

Men in black

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