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Ross Coulthart’s Revelation: Immovable UFO & Alien Technology Disclosure Bill

Renowned investigative journalist Ross Coulthart has unveiled a startling revelation that has captivated the UFO community—an alleged colossal UFO that is reportedly so immense that it cannot be moved. Ross Coulthart’s recent disclosures have sparked intense curiosity and speculation surrounding the existence and location of this enigmatic craft. As the world grapples with the implications of such a discovery, questions abound about its origin, purpose, and potential hidden advancements. In this article, we delve into the intriguing revelations made by Ross Coulthart, opening a window into a realm of possibilities that may reshape our understanding of technology and non-human intelligences.

Once again, Ross Coulthart has sent shockwaves through the UFO community. He stated that private aerospace companies have been continuously working on reverse engineering advanced UFO technology without taking the government into confidence. He believes that the government should change its approach towards these companies that are working on these enigmatic technologies.

Ross Coulthart
Ross Coulthart

Ross Coulthart Interview With Hay Anderson

In an interview with Project Unity Host Jay Anderson conducted on July 8, 2023, he expressed concerns that the American public has been kept in the dark about UFOs for 70 to 80 years primarily due to Cold War concerns; however, he believes that in the present time, the reason for the concealment of such information is not valid.

Ross Coulthart revealed that non-human intelligence has been interacting with Earth for a long time and that certain objects have been recovered, but he was unable to go into further detail for fear of disclosing sensitive technology. He was hopeful for the future, citing initiatives like international cooperation to put this technology to use for the greater good. Ross Coulthart claims to be upbeat despite his foreknowledge of impending difficulties.

To paraphrase what he says, “Former senior, very public officials are coming forward, admitting that they believe there is truth to these allegations, and calling for a proper congressional inquiry.” Next, Jay Anderson asks if humans have already made progress in areas like making energy and moving around, even without figuring out how alien technology works. He speculates that the development of platforms utilizing field propulsion and electrogravitics may be masked by the existence of non-human intelligences. Coulthart agrees that such a scenario is theoretically plausible, but he stresses the importance of distinguishing between what is possible and what is probable.

In this context, he makes reference to the unreliable witness testimony of American personnel working on a big black triangular ship. It’s unclear which assertions to believe, but Ross Coulthart brings up the fact that there are competing claims about the United States’ ability to reverse engineer these crafts. The amazing potential of cutting-edge technology like the Tic Tac UFO gives him optimism that the alleged advancements are real. Overall, the discussion is about the chance of hidden technological advances, both from other planets and from clever people on Earth.

US Senate Disclosure Bill On Alien Technology

During the interview, Ross Coulthart delved into the potential ramifications of a newly proposed US Senate intelligence bill. He referred to writings by Douglas Dean Johnson, highlighting that the bill purportedly mandates individuals possessing non-earth origin or exotic Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) material to disclose it to the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) within a six-month timeframe. This provision aims to address the need for greater transparency and centralized investigation into these perplexing phenomena.

Construction Of A Building Over Huge UFO

During the conversation, Anderson raises a valid concern regarding the six-month window outlined in the proposed US Senate intelligence bill. He points out that this timeframe could potentially provide ample opportunity for individuals holding UAP materials to hide or conceal them. Ross Coulthart acknowledges this possibility but offers a different perspective, suggesting that some UAP materials may be of such immense size that moving them is not a simple task.

Building constructed over huge UFO claimed by Ross Coulthart
Building constructed over huge UFO claimed by Ross Coulthart

He even mentions the existence of a building constructed over one such colossal object in a foreign country, acknowledging that this notion may sound far-fetched to some. Ross Coulthart emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough investigations and tests of these allegations before presenting them to Congress. He criticizes the skeptical dismissal of claims without proper examination, noting the prevalence of self-proclaimed experts on social media who deny the existence of UAP simply because they believe it to be impossible.

“Okay, people are going to question what I’m about to say. What if some of that [__] is so big it can’t be moved?. [They are] so big they built a building over it in a country outside of the United States of America. I know that sounds preposterous, and I know, oh my God, you can just hear them now, the bleeding debunkers. Let’s see this investigated. Let’s just see what happens. Let’s test these allegations before Congress.” 

Ross Coulthart

Ross Coulthart underscores the significance of contemplating the potential ramifications if claims prove to be accurate. One specific notion that Coulthart highlights is the possibility of certain objects being too massive to be relocated, a notion that leaves Anderson astounded. During the interview, Ross Coulthart discloses this information for the first time, emphasizing its novelty and importance.

Furthermore, towards the end of the discussion, Ross Coulthart asserts that he possesses knowledge regarding the precise location of this immense UFO. He expresses confidence that this information will eventually be revealed to the public, leaving room for future revelations and inquiries.

“It’s really interesting because it’s absolutely gobsmacking that it’s being kept as a secret. Imagine having an object that’s so big, it’s just not conceivable to move it. I thought it was bollocks when I heard it too, and most people listening to this will, anyway.

Bu yeah, I mean, again, just an allegation, but one that I’m, you know, assured should be taken seriously and hopefully will be investigated by Congress. Because, again, where did the money come from? What’s that money accounted for? The continued security and control of such an object for many decades. Who’s paid for that? What programs have paid for that? Has that been disclosed to taxpayers? This is gonna be a really fun inquiry if Congress starts doing its…”

Ross Coulthart

Location Of Immovable Colossal UFO

Location Of Huge UFO claimed by Ross Coulthart
Location Of Huge UFO claimed by Ross Coulthart

The large buried UFO discussed earlier has been the subject of speculation among Ufologists. Tyler Rogoway, founder and editor-in-chief of The War Zone, claims that some people in the UFO community suspect that a facility in Seoul, South Korea, is where the mysterious buried UFO can be found.

While a big 270-foot-wide round structure atop a mountain certainly is interesting, in the context of South Korea it makes a ton of sense beyond concealing some giant UFO (hard to hide that basically on the edge of an extremely populous city regardless, but that’s not the point here).

When I first saw the satellite imagery of the structure in question three things stood out to me.

1) It’s location and how it was constructed. It provides a clear line of sight in all directions amongst South Korea’s iconic high terrain. It seems custom built to achieve this based on its location, the structure’s design, and the mountain it was built on.

2) The array in the center of the circular facility is a common VORTAC (see VFR map below) used for aircraft navigation. It would play a critical role for air traffic operating in the region. 360 degree line of sight is key for it as it is an omni-directional DME emitter/system. You can’t put one down on a field below as its radio emissions will be blocked by the high terrain. The TACAN part of the VORTAC (as opposed to a VOR) is critical for supporting military aviation operations, which are key to South Korea’s defense.

3) The large top area of this structure. While this seems somewhat mysterious, in the context of the VORTAC it is not, it provides a ‘sterile’ area all around the array, but also in context of the unique security situation South Korea exists in every day, it makes perfect sense.

Let me explain:

When I saw this structure I immediately said ‘I bet you can drive vehicles up there.’ Sure enough, you can as seen in the image below. During a crisis, this large flat structure would be an ideal location for anti-aircraft systems. It would provide a wide area to arrange sensor systems and/or AAA/missile battery. That same critical unobstructed line-of-sight would be key for defending Seoul in an attack that could come ‘any day’ for the better part of a century. It also would provide easy helicopter access to move outsized equipment and personnel.

This installation appears designed to support such a contingency and as such it would have the ability be reinforced with security forces as needed.

Maybe it also serves other uses, such as a contingency bunker for certain military operations, like air defense, which are not uncommon in South Korea. It is unknown if the facility serves additional air traffic control functions at this time as well.

So, there is a very clear use case for such an installation in that exact position for conducting its current mission as a critical air traffic aid, including for military aircraft. And it’s a perfect perch from which to help defend the skies over South Korea’s largest city.

So, does a buried UFO come with all this? I will leave that answer up to you. But clearly, this facility has other far more pedestrian purposes.

Tyler Rogoway

In conclusion, Ross Coulthart’s recent revelations regarding a colossal, immovable UFO have ignited widespread interest and speculation within the UFO community. His candid discussions about hidden advancements, potential technological breakthroughs, and the need for proper investigation have sparked a renewed sense of curiosity about the mysteries that lie beyond our understanding. As we grapple with the implications of these disclosures, the importance of open-mindedness, rigorous examination, and responsible inquiry cannot be overstated.

With each new revelation, humanity inches closer to unlocking the secrets of our universe, bridging the gap between science fiction and reality. Whether these alleged colossal objects exist and the precise nature of their origin and purpose remain unanswered questions, but the quest for truth and exploration continues. As we delve into the realm of UFO phenomena and the enigmatic possibilities they present, one thing remains certain: the pursuit of knowledge will forever drive us to uncover the truth that lies beyond the boundaries of our current understanding.

What are your thoughts on Ross Coulthart’s recent revelations about the immovable UFO and the proposed alien technology disclosure bill? Are you intrigued by the possibility of hidden advancements and non-human intelligences, or do you remain skeptical until concrete evidence is presented? Share your opinions and join the discussion below. We welcome diverse perspectives and encourage respectful dialogue on this captivating topic.

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