Are Shape-Shifting Reptilian Humanoids Infiltrating Earth

Are Shape-Shifting Reptilian Humanoids Infiltrating Earth?

Conspiracy theorists have long come up with theories that revolve around the belief that shape-shifting reptilian humanoids are hidden among us. These theories are shadowy and bizarre, but at the same time intriguing. This theory, popularized mostly by the writings of conspiracy theorist David Icke, holds that lizard men, who are capable of assuming human form, are plotting to infiltrate and subvert human society for their own nefarious objectives.

Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoids are hidden among us
Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoids are hidden among us

This may sound absurd to some readers, but the truth is what it is. Conspiracy theorists also say that many politicians and famous people who hold high positions in society are actually shape-shifting reptilians. There are also many people across the globe who have witnessed these reptilian humanoids. Here we get into the weird, scary, and horrifying stories about lizard people who can change their appearance. 

Shape-Shifting Reptilian Humanoids Family

Strange Intruders, written by David Weatherly, describes a peculiar incident that apparently occurred in the 2000s. The story centers around an anonymous witness. In the book, the witness is identified as “John,” and he is revealed to be a retired computer expert living in a quiet suburb just outside of Dayton, Ohio. The suburb appeared to be populated by blue-collar workers living in ordinary, average-looking homes.

It was the kind of subdivision where no two properties looked any different from one another. As mentioned earlier, the people in his neighborhood had boring lives, so nothing in John’s life up to that point had prepared him for the bizarre events that were about to unfold. There was an empty house just five houses down from John’s house. Nobody knew the reason behind it.

There was a rumour that previous owners had been foreclosed upon, so they had destroyed the whole inside of the property, including tearing down walls and smashing furnishings. Hence, because of the incredibly bizarre interior, no one was ready to move in, even though the price of the property was very low. For as long as John had lived there, the house had been sitting unoccupied in the midst of the surrounding neighborhood, until one day, a family moved in.

The family consisted of five people. They moved in without any renovation work or any cleaning or painting, so the people there anticipated that the family was going to do this job by themselves. Many rumors started to float around the neighborhood since, out of nowhere, the family moved into a bizarre house which no one wanted and also that the family was very suspicious and didn’t socialize with any of the neighbors.

Creepy house
Creepy house

Apparently, one of John’s neighbors, famous for stirring sensational news, told him that when he went over to introduce himself and hand out his plumbing business cards to the new family, a gloomy-looking man greeted him at the door and blocked his view into the home. However, he somehow managed to peek into the house. He was shocked to see the house as it was in a very bizarre condition. There were no beds nor any furniture; only dirty mattresses were lying on the floor.

John’s neighbor further stated that the homeowner gave off an unnerving vibe; he just stared at the neighbor’s card like it was a gigantic spider before dismissing the neighbor’s offer of plumbing services and slamming the door. The family was frequently spotted driving around in a beat-up, unroadworthy car, and it was rumored that the car was full of trash.

Their clothes were shabby and ragged, and they were frequently seen driving around in a beat-up, unroadworthy car, prompting accusations that the family was struggling financially and raising concerns about how they could afford the home they owned. The members of the family remained in their house and were hardly seen by anybody. When they were greeted by the neighbors, the members of the family didn’t respond to their greetings.

Once, John also bumped into the father of the family at the supermarket where he was seen buying a cart full of meat, to which John tried to make a joke out of it and said to him that it looked like he was going to prepare barbeque. In response, the man made an eerie sound of hiss, similar to snakes “like the air being squeezed out of his mouth,” and without bothering went to the billing counter. Other neighbors also started to have strange encounters with the alleged reptilian family.

It was said that the mother of the house was seen chasing a cat around the yard, while another neighbor said she had seen her hair fall off like a wig, showing a head “bald and scaled like a snake’s,” before the wig was immediately replaced. John’s neighbor and his wife were completely preoccupied with the new people next door; the lady kept ranting about how she thought they were shape-shifting reptilian humanoids.

John thought that this speculation about shape-shifting reptilians in the family was all bullshit until one day he stumbled across the man while walking his dog, seemingly catching him off guard as he sought to make a hasty exit from his car full of rubbish and enter his home. He noticed that the man was wearing some sort of cap under which he noticed his bald head, which had scales similar to reptiles.

John’s dog also went crazy upon seeing the man. John began to develop an obsession with the family, following them around at all hours, looking at their house and studying shape-shifting reptilian humanoids online, which led him primarily to fringe conspiracy sites, but he understood what he had seen. A young boy from the neighborhood went to the house to see if they needed their grass mowed and, though the father initially refused, he somehow managed to see inside the house.

Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoids
Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoids

The scenes inside the house were terrifying, but at the same time intriguing. The boy saw that the family was eating raw meat at the table; and the skin of the family had a scaly appearance, and the man’s irises had briefly narrowed like a snake’s before returning to their normal shape. After seeing the family like that the boy returned to his house promptly.

Apparently, the strange family one day got into their dirty car and left the house after living there for one year and six months. They left the house without any notice. Later, when the house was checked from inside, it was a total mess. The house looked like a garbage dump. It seemed that a bomb had gone off in it, with trash everywhere, feces on the floor, decaying meat lying around that was attracting flies, and old mattresses with mysterious stains.

The neighborhood was not the same while those people lived there – everyone seemed uneasy and a lot of people had seen things that they couldn’t explain. If they were human, they certainly weren’t normal people. I still have a hard time bringing myself to accept that they were ‘reptiles’ but I can’t deny how weird it all was. I’m just glad they went away. whatever they were.


Shape-Shifting Reptilian Humanoid Class Mate

One other case is detailed in Lon Strickler’s book Phantoms & Monsters. This case is similarly bizarre and strange as the one mentioned above. A witness named “Mason” claims that it happened at a college in Oregon, but they don’t specify the name of the college. Mason evidently had a difficult time with a fellow student who was described as “duplicitous and manipulative” and a “hostile individual,” and whom Mason avoided at all costs.

Mason had enough of his bullying, so one day he stood up and called the fellow student a “cold-blooded bastard.” That fellow student was filled with anger and told Mason that he would make Mason pay for his remarks. He soon realised that the term “cold-blooded” was more apt than he had previously thought since his life had become a total mess and he began to be plagued by strange occurrences after that incident.

Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoids
Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoids

On an ordinary day, Mason was sitting in his classroom, busy with studies and work. Suddenly, he saw a “nebulous dark figure” arise in the corner, but then it vanished again, leaving him sitting there perplexed. After this, he’d occasionally spot this figure lurking around, and although that was obviously out of the ordinary, things quickly progressed to the frightfully abnormal. Mason claimed that one night while he was in a deep sleep in his bed, his sleep was disturbed around 2 a.m.

He was terrified to see a reptilian creature standing over him, tightening its claws over his throat. As the creature tightened its claws, it “screeched and wailed.” The claws had a scaly appearance. In his defense, Mason tried to fight back by kicking and moving rigorously. He also tried to pull out the claws of the reptilian creature. When he managed to shove the creature off of him, he saw that it was his classmate from before, but with reptile features.

Once again, the creature tried to attack him, but this time Mason grabbed a pocket knife from the side bed table and slashed it across the chest and arm, causing it to scream in pain. Then it apparently vanished into the thin air like a ghost. This incident left Mason terrified and shocked as he had just encountered a shape-shifting reptilian humanoid.

Mason, who had been up all night worrying about the lizard monster, ran into his classmate the next day and discovered that his mischievous classmate was wearing a bandage over the spot on his arm where he had slashed the reptile last night. He could not see the chest as it was covered. Then, before storming away, this student came up to him and told him that things were far from over between them.

Soon, Mason, fearing for his life straight away, went to the administrator, but they gave him a very cold response. The administrator told him the best he could do was avoid the boy. This made him realize that the administrator and the college authorities already knew about this boy, but they were not doing anything because they were afraid of him.

He believes that authorities think that if anything is done to the boy, then it could be a danger to the lives of not only the authorities but also other students. It became so terrible that he had to leave college after he began waking up in a cold sweat and seeing a shadowy, fleeting figure in his bed night after night. Things didn’t end there. Mason, even then, sometimes saw that classmate following him and gazing at him with eerie eyes and hostility.

Shape-Shifting Reptilian
Shape-Shifting Reptilian

He knows that he wasn’t the only person to be affected in such a way by this evil person, but it was also pretty clear that nobody was brave enough to talk about it. Two students later suddenly died in the same dorm quarters in which Mason had been attacked – and no proper information was released about these deaths other than that they were apparently ‘because of medical reasons’. Mason ends his account by warning the readers that these shapeshifters are a ‘scourge’ that will continue to hector humanity. He has apparently since learnt of some better ways in which to protect against the entities, and advises everyone reading his account to stay safe.

Lon Strickler

Shape-Shifting Reptilian Humanoid Boyfriend

Another similar case of a shape-shifting reptilian humanoids is published on the website of Lon Strickler. In this case, a woman in California who wishes to remain anonymous claims that she dated a shapeshifting reptilian humanoid. She claims that she started dating the extraterrestrial reptile in 2014 and that he swiftly revealed his true nature to her. This revelation terrified her to the point that she now refers to him as “it” instead of “he.” She claims that in his reptile form, he would grow to be 8 feet tall.

The physical characteristics of this person, true hazel eyes, reddish brownish hair, extra slim with rib cages showing, abnormally large tongue, scars and birthmarks on random places of the body. More specifically a birthmark that appears to be a scar from some type of alien needle or injection device. 3 triangular dots with a brown circle around it. Sometimes while shapeshifting, slits would appear in his eyes. Each shapeshift would only last approximately 1-5 seconds and immediately I’d rub my eyes and look away thinking that I’m autistic or something but I’m truly not. That was just his way of tormenting me.

The lady stated this about his boyfriend shapeshifting behavior.
Illustration of Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoid eye
Illustration of Shape-Shifting Reptilian humanoid eye

She further stated that her shape-shifting reptilian humanoid boyfriend would do all the eerie stuff at random times. Despite the fact that she was terrified of him, she didn’t leave him. The reason behind it is not known as the woman never revealed why she did not leave him even after knowing his true identity.

Besides him randomly shapeshifting other weird things happened. As I was laying on his bed in his room all of a sudden the entire room transformed into a space craft and I witnessed him pilot it. I fell asleep shortly after and woke up in a panic. I should also note that when I first started dating him he firmly denied believing in UFOs and said the typical responses that “normal” or perhaps uneducated person would say. Deny, deny, deny. Then towards the end of the relationship his views completely changed when I brought the subject up. As if he had forgotten what he had told me months prior. Very weird and strange things have happened to me including bizarre dreams of medical experimentation, aliens breaking into my room, and interacting with hybrid alien offspring.

Woman sated this about his reptilian boyfriend

Finally, the woman broke up with her reptilian boyfriend when he tried to convince her that God did not exist and that humans did not have souls. The woman, being a devout lady, didn’t like this as she strongly believed in God and was very religious. As if that weren’t bad enough, the final nail in the coffin came when, while they were sleeping, she heard a knock on the door. The woman got up to answer the door and was instantly immobilized by her boyfriend’s supernatural abilities.

This led her to speculate on the possibility that he was actually a demon rather than an extraterrestrial. Also, this made her think that there could be another possibility that aliens and demons are the same thing. At the conclusion of her story, she speculates that he used her for her “reproductive cells,” stealing them as she slept to use in “cloning or God knows what.”

Shape-Shifting Reptilian Humanoid Stranger

Last but not least, there is another account of a shape-shifting reptilian humanoid that comes from a Redditor named “Threewolves369.” He stated that, being a truck driver, he has encountered many supernatural and terrifying things on the road while driving the truck. Once, he was with his brother on the east side of Houston, Texas. There he was enjoying his meal in a McDonald’s while his truck load was being unloaded. At McDonald’s, he saw a strange man sitting nearby, hunched over his burger and eating very slowly

Reptilian humanoid
Reptilian humanoid

There was this man sitting at another booth across from us. He was eating his burger really slow. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt and sunglasses. He was watching a fly buzz around his booth. I promise you that I seen through the corner of my eye, a long thin tongue shoot out and snag the fly right out of the air, and into his mouth. Without talking another bite of his burger he started chewing faster than ever. He had a huge smile on his face. He got up and left right after that. He threw his fries way without eating any, the burger with only a few bites taken out and his entire drink in the trash. He had that huge satisfied smile all the way to his car. I still talk with my brother about that from time to time. If my brother wasn’t there he would have definitely thought I was crazy.


These accounts of shape-shifting reptilian humanoids are intriguing because they come from ordinary people, raising the possibility that the reptilians have spread not only among celebrities but also among the general public. This provides an intriguing new angle on the theory that shape-shifting reptilian humanoids are live among us. So, be very careful of your surroundings and observe everyone you meet, as you may not know who could be a reptilian. It could be your friends, colleagues, or anyone.

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