4 NASA Astronauts That Claim Aliens Are Watching And Controlling Us

Although there is still no clear evidence that we are being observed, these astronauts claim that some extraterrestrial beings are already among us and indicate that aliens are watching us.

Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Mitchell is one of the people who has traveled to the Moon; in fact, He was the sixth one, in 1971. His trip was aimed to recover samples of the Moon and return back to the Earth, and it was one of his last works after almost 20 years at NASA. After retiring, he said he was “90% sure that many of the thousands of unidentified objects that have been registered since 1940 are from visitors to other planets.”

Likewise, in multiple questions, he assured that the UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are real and that he spoke with world leaders that have come into contact with aliens, but that this information is classified. Similarly, he said that governments around the world have been hiding it from the public for more than 60 years.

However, the man states with certainty that the Roswell Incident (in which an object of the United States Armed Forces crashed on a ranch in New Mexico, which was believed to have been the landing of an alien) was an encounter with aliens and that the US government hid it for decades, although it has constantly been asserted that the material that fell from the sky was made by humans.

Also, the man claims that the aliens stopped some nuclear bombs during the Cold War and that they have been in contact with the Vatican to help humanity.

Deke Slayton

Deke Slayton participated in the Mercury Project, the first space flight program in the United States whose purpose was to put a man on the Moon. He later served as Operations Director of the NASA flight team. However, before all that, in 1951 he thought he saw an alien spacecraft. “It looked like a saucer at a 45-degree angle […]. Soon it started and took off, and I could not see it anymore ». He never saw anything else like this during his missions as a member of the space organization.

Gordon Cooper

Gordon Cooper was also part of the Mercury Project looking to put a man on the Moon, and he was the first one to sleep in space. Also, it was part of another type of mission in which he had the opportunity to fly over the planet, but like his partner Slayton, his encounter with a UFO was long before being part of NASA. Interestingly, he also mentioned having seen something in 1951 but in Germany.

aliens are watching us

After retiring he declared: “I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews visit Earth from other planets, which are much more advanced than the Earth.” The man said that maybe the aliens will not communicate with us until we learn to solve our conflicts by peaceful means instead of constantly creating wars.

Brian O Leary

And finally, Brian O ‘Leary, who was part of another group of NASA astronauts who wanted to find a way to step on Mars, but eventually that project was canceled. He did some tests before finally retiring to become an academic. He became friends with Carl Sagan and taught with him at Cornell University.

In his life as a retired astronaut, he claimed that there was an extraterrestrial existence on Earth that had caused strong technological advances and said, “Other civilizations have been monitoring us for a long time. Their appearance is strange from the western point of view.

Most of the comments of these astronauts create hope and terror in many people, are you one of those who are passionate or terrified? Leave your comment below!

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  1. You mentioned in your article that the Roswell material had constantly been shown to be human-made…not so. The initial material that was shown to the press at the time was different to the material shown later…amazing! The material later shown was of a weather balloon. The airforce by then had obviously decided to hide the initial material and incident. And by the way, good job on attempting to humiliate these former astronauts, who I would guarantee would know more than you about recognizing human-made flying craft, and non-human made a craft. One prerequisite of an astronaut is to be of sound mind, balanced, educated, and of good character. These men wouldn’t come out with these claims unless they were 1000% sure if what they saw. Why would they want to humiliate themselves needlessly?..and don’t forget their families’ reputation. If ever you would want a credible witness to a UFO, you would want this kind of witness to trust their word.

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