The mysterious UFO Cube (the size of the Earth) captured returning to the Sun

The number of UFOs that are close to the Sun continues to increase at an accelerated rate. Just in the month of October, there have been sightings of objects that resemble a cube, a large spaceship and several other orbs and shapes. Is the Sun becoming a hot spot for UFOs?(UFO Cube)

UFO Cube

A UFO as big as Earth and cube-shaped has been seen near the sun for a few weeks now, which leads conspiracy theorists to believe that some kind of extraterrestrial technology is using our star.(UFO Cube)

This is not the first time you see a mysterious ” cube ” near the huge gas ball that forms our Sun, and some claim that NASA conceals any traces of alien spaceships that are trapped in the images.

What may appear to be a stain on the image for some is said to be a cover-up of conspiracy on the part of others.

The strange, cube-like object was seen in NASA’s cameras, turning the alien enthusiasts into a frenzy. The UFO was discovered thanks to the satellite camera of the Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) by Scott C Waring, author of the UFO-Sightings Blogspot website.(UFO Cube)

UFO Cube

As he writes on his website: “The UFO-Cube has a yellowish column as if it had been using the sun’s material as a propulsion of some kind.”

“The UFO is the size of Earth itself. It is strange that NASA has not made any kind of announcement about this UFO Cube, since probably all the solar cameras in the world of astronomy have also captured it “.

This is not the first time that a supposed square extraterrestrial ship or “UFO Cube” as some call it has been seen near the sun. Look at this link .

In addition, in early September, a US witness, while taking pictures of the sun, believes he saw a huge UFO followed by a huge fleet of smaller objects passing behind.

Why are so many UFOs near the Sun? Is it really just because there are more eyes scrutinizing the photos? Are more spacecraft lining up to refuel for some reason that we still do not know? Leave your comment below.

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