The Trumpets of Apocalypse return to the United States

What do you think happened to all the people who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? Why did they really build Stonehenge? What exactly happened to the Mayan civilization? Are UFOs of extraterrestrial origin? These are just some of the mysteries that continue without explanation. But there is another one that has been happening in almost every corner of the world for years. We are talking about apocalyptic sounds, a phenomenon similar to the sound of a trumpet or a metallic noise. These noises are now being referred to as Trumpets of Apocalypse

The first video posted on YouTube that shows unusual and supernatural sounds, was in 2008 when a user recorded the strange sounds in the sky of Gomel, in Belarus. And since then the mysterious sounds have been heard continuously at different times and places for almost a decade. Although possibly the best known was the one in Germany in 2015. In the video, you could see how someone opened a window to record the unusual noise, while a woman asks in German:  “What is that?”. But the scariest thing about the video is that in the middle of the confusion you can see a still child in the middle of the street, stunned by what he is hearing. Some have doubted the authenticity of the recordings, but no one has been able to explain the origin of the mysterious noise. However, when it seemed that everything was over, the phenomenon has returned.

The return of the Trumpets of Apocalypse

A strange video has been published that for some are the sound of the seven apocalyptic trumpets. The video, uploaded to Twitter on Sunday from somewhere in the US, shows the mysterious sounds similar to resonant horns. As you can see, it seems to have been recorded in the morning while a thin layer of fog covers the entire street.

The person recording the unusual phenomenon opens the front door of his house to hear the sound of the trumpets intensify. The images have caused all kinds of reactions in social networks, where some Internet users pointed to a passage in the Bible that says that seven trumpets will sound to mark the end of the world, seven trumpets sounded by seven angels to mark the day of judgment in the book of the Apocalypse.

In every sound, another disaster occurs on Earth, such as fires, earthquakes or volcano eruptions. Bible prophecy experts say they serve to warn all human beings to repent before the seventh trumpet sounds, indicating the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“This is a phenomenon that has been going on for years all over the world,” said a user on Twitter. “It is documented that people have witnessed these noises for 200 years.”

There were also those who referred to HG Wells’s novel “War of the Worlds. ” But as we have stated before, this is not the first time the so-called “apocalyptic trumpets” are recorded. The last case recorded was in March this year in an undetermined place in Slovakia and several people heard a deafening sound, similar to a trumpet, emanating from an unknown source.

However, scientists have a completely different opinion than apocalyptic trumpets. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) explained that neither angels nor aliens have anything to do with the phenomenon. In fact, they indicated that these noises are nothing more than a natural phenomenon that occurs with some normality.

“Actually, we could hear the typical symphony pieces in the sound of a strange storm coming from our planet, and not an extraterrestrial spacecraft,” said a NASA spokesman.

Most scientific research points to natural causes such as tidal waves, methane explosions, underground earthquakes or changing sand dunes as explanations of these auditory phenomena.

apocalyptic trumpets united states - apocalyptic trumpets return to the United States Trumpets of Apocalypse

Although perhaps the incident occurred in the US It is related to the supposed end of time. David S. Montaigne, a freelance writer, and researcher said the Mayan apocalypse was not interpreted correctly in 2012 and said that the real day of the final judgment will be at the end of 2019. According to Montaigne, the 2012 apocalypse, based on the Mayan calendar, was only the beginning of a seven-year tribulation period, and this year marks the end of this period of time.

The researcher argues that the true apocalypse will begin on December 21, 2019, exactly seven years after the Mayan calendar predicted the inevitable day of the final judgment. Moreover, on December 28, seven days after December 21, there will be a pole shift on Earth that will trigger natural disasters across the planet.

What do you think about the mysterious apocalyptic sound in the United States? Apocalyptic trumpets or a completely natural phenomenon?

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