The Baltic Sea Anomaly: Mystery Solved

In April 2011, a group of Swedish cazatesoros called ‘Ocean X’, led by Peter Lindberg, announced with fanfare the discovery of a strange and huge object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.(Baltic Sea Anomaly)

Baltic Sea Anomaly

From there, he was baptized as the famous Baltic UFO. But much later it became known that it is nothing more than a glacial deposit, a rocky formation dragged by ice to the sea thousands of years ago. Volker Brüchert, an associate professor of geology at the University of Stockholm, came to that conclusion after studying the samples provided by his discoverer, Peter Lindberg, who declined to comment.(Baltic Sea Anomaly)

The strange and enormous object found at the bottom of the sea was about 60 meters in diameter and its curious oval shape, with two billions and long symmetrical protrusions, coupled with mysterious trawls of several hundred meters, made Lindberg think that said Object had fallen to the sea and had slipped on the bottom until it was completely still in its current position.(Baltic Sea Anomaly)

End of the puzzle

Baltic Sea AnomalyImmediately the speculations began, from an old Nazi experiment to the remains of Atlantis or, better still, an extraterrestrial star ship there who knows when. Be that as it may, the object was called “the anomaly of the Baltic” and since then Lindberg has done everything possible to echo it and to raise funds for new expeditions. At the same time, of course, he was collecting headlines around the world and enormous publicity for his company.
Volker Brüchert, after analyzing the data collected by the treasure hunter, who did not want to comment on it, said that it is actually a rock formation dragged by glaciers into the deep waters a few thousand years ago,

Brüchert argued on the show that the treasure hunter gave him: “I came across a black mineral that could be a volcanic rock. My hypothesis is that this object, this great structure, was formed during the Ice Age many thousands of years ago.

Baltic Sea AnomalyIt is good that there are critics voices about this supposed mystery of the Baltic Sea, “and adds:” What Ocean X’s team completely ignored is that most of the samples they took from the bottom of the sea were granite, gneiss The same composition as granite) and sandstone. ”

And this, according to the scientist, is exactly what we would expect to see in a glacial basin. The entire Baltic Sea is a large glacial basin, a region excavated by ice thousands and thousands of years ago.

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  1. I dont know. Its definitely out of place. My question is if its only 300 ft down whats stopping us from just going down and have a look! Or use a more modern sonar! Hell as a fisherman we even have sonars so precise you can at times identify what type of fish your looking at! This should not be a mystery!

  2. If the scientific community can’t understand something or can’t fit it into their “creation of the world” theory, then they just make shit up and blurt it out regardless whether it makes sense or not…

  3. If there are any volcanologists out there, can they confirm; this looks like a volcanic “plug” that has been ejected, to me. It looks to have all the properties. The striations appear to be consistent with molten lava “cutting” into the plug prior to its ejection.
    Furthermore, when people ‘enhance’ pictures, they tend to already have an image in their head as to what they are looking at and therefore enhance images toward their preconceptions.
    Is not this a better explanation as to what we are seeing, than a Millennium Falcon-type spaceship – Really!

  4. Lindbergh obviously wanted funds so badly he made up a more ‘exciting’ story so he could go down on other expeditions. Not very scientific of him. The scientific community has rules of conduct which must be observed at all times! It is people like Lindbergh who mock the principles on which all science is founded. In a non scientific vernacular; he’s taking the mickey!

  5. US Navy were deployed to the area.
    US Took control of the site, funding and all following released information.
    We mustn’t question this though…

  6. That Jae Dax wrote a mean view of Mr. Lindbergh which was without good reason. Such venomous people such as this Dax queer guy should be dropped dead into a volcano.

    Anonymous – please say it aint so! If the US got the site, the public will not hear of it for 70 years. I’m an American and say taking it away from Mr. Lindbergh is flatly wrong! They should support him, not steal from him.

    Help! Can anyone put me in touch with Mr. Lindbergh? An E-Mail perhaps? Mine is

    1. Go screw yourself retarded homophobe. Its scrotes like you who believe in alien abductions who should be banned from making comments of any kind

  7. “My hypothesis ……”, does not mean, “.. much later it became known….” Without proper investigation of the site no one can make a definitive statement.

  8. Who do you think you are, walter lacey? The only venomous comment that I see on here was yours! How dare you use such nasty, bigoted language. If you don’t agree with someone, you should just say so – not resort to the old-style name calling and homophobic nastiness I associate with backwards, nineteenth century thinking. Are you a misogynistic racist too? Shame!

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