Three-fingered “Alien Mummy” found in Peru!!

Amateur researchers found in South America a mummy of an alien. As they say , she is about 1700 years old. However, expert opinion on the findings differed – some of them think , it’s just a statue , covered with plaster.(Alien)

A group of self-proclaimed explorers of paranormal phenomena Asserts. That they found evidence of the existence of aliens – the mysterious mummy of a three-toed humanoid with an elongated skull. However, the opinions of experts on the findings were divorced.(Alien)

The mummy was found near the city of Nazca in Peru. The humanoid body was covered with white powder, which, as the amateur researchers say, was used to save the remains. They also argue that, judging by the carbon samples, their findings date back to 245-410 AD. These figures have not yet been confirmed by specialists.(Alien)

In a documentary about an unusual find, Professor of St. Petersburg University Konstantin Korotkov says that the features inherent in the statue are not ugliness, but prove belonging to “another being, another humanoid.”(Alien)


But, despite the excitement among adherents Conspiracy theories, An unusual find can be found and a simpler explanation. Leading UFO expert Nigel Watson says that even when covered with an embalming substance, the mummy “must look more alive.” The expert believes that this is just a statue, covered with plaster.(Alien)


“Such hoaxes are the result of wishful thinking, as well as the greed of amateur researchers,” he said. “The more exotic the opening, the more spectators they attract, so we get more and more bizarre” confirmation “of the existence of aliens.”(Alien)

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