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Bizarre Habits Of Donald Trump: From Spitting In The Food To Making His Guest Eat Till They Puke

Recently, a chef who left Mar-A-Lago, one of the opulent resorts owned by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, highlighted some of the nasty and peculiar tendencies of Trump. Chef Abe Pleisher made some astounding assertions about Trump in a podcast about things he witnessed during the job.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Weird Habits Of Donald Trump

  • Most of the time for lunch, Donald Trump would order “The Donald” from McDonalds, and the employees there exactly knew what he wanted. It was a combination of three well-done Big Mac sandwiches slathered in ketchup and an M&M McFlurry without any of the brown M&Ms.
  • Often, Trump would reach out across the dinner table and eat from others plates to show his dominance over them.
  • Trump enjoys returning food served to him with a complaint that it was improperly prepared in order to appear powerful and tough in front of others. The waiters are aware of this and know to just wait in the kitchen for a few minutes before giving back the exact same plate with no alterations done.
  • Trump loves to spit on his guests’ meals before dinners and has his employees sign nondisclosure agreements about it when they are initially employed.
  • In order to avoid having to eat vegetables, Trump orders his cooks to never serve him anything that is green in color.
  • Trump sips a can of Diet Coke every 27 minutes and puts lipstick smudges on the rim.
  • When Donald Trump and Stephen Miller (the former Senior Advisor to the President of the United States) have dinner together, Miller carefully removes all of the skin off the chicken’s fried skin using a knife and fork in the largest pieces possible before setting it to the side of his plate. Then, he takes and discards all of the lean flesh. After that, Mr. Trump places the leftover fat on a spoon and slurps it like it’s an oyster. Then, for inexplicable reasons, he carries bags with him and takes the skin home.
  • Before meals, Trump wears flexible trousers because he claims that the buttons are “rigged against him.”
  • The cooks have learnt to always double whatever Trump wants since he frequently receives bad news about his criminal investigations, indictments, and civil cases and then hurls his dishes against the wall while spreading ketchup all over them in a fit of rage.
  • Trump always makes the same joke when eating with businessmen: “I’d like a chicken breast sandwich, hold the chicken.”
  • Every night after dinner, Trump consumes three portions of the dessert before addressing the group, “I’m never like this, I can’t believe how bad I’m being tonight.” Also Trump eats pizzas made with ketchup for the sauce several times a week.
  • Trump consistently assures his waiters, “Don’t worry, I’m going to treat you right on the tip,” before snubbing them.
  • Donald Trump enjoys eating small cupcakes because they make his hands appear larger.
  • Trump always gets two stacks of eight pancakes on the weekends, with strawberries that have been sliced into circles and placed in the center of each stack to resemble boobs. He then thrusts his face into them and imitates a motorboat. He will occasionally ask for up to 100 pancakes to be placed on a table and will then spend hours lying face-down on them.
  • The only time Donald Trump will ever get close to kissing Ivanka is when he asks her to “pre-chew” hard meals for him.
  • When Donald Trump takes his son to a restaurant, he occasionally insists his son Eric test his food first to make sure it hasn’t been poisoned.
  • The moment any meat or other components fall out of a taco when Trump is eating it, he exclaims to his dining companions, “Mexico is going to pay for that!”
  • When female staff members, diplomats, or foreign leaders order food, Trump goes into the kitchen and sprinkles ground-up weight-loss tablets on top of it because he believes they “would look hotter if they lost 15 pounds.”
  • Donald Trump prevents people from blessing their food or praying before eating.
  • If global warming is true, why does ice cream exist, Trump frequently queries his dinner guests.
  • Trump allegedly claimed that he couldn’t be racist since his favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate before a group of Black Republican lawmakers.
  • When Republican members of Congress come to Mar-a-Lago asking for his endorsement, he makes them eat until they throw up to earn it.
  • It is very rare when Melania and Donald Trump have dinner together. In an effort to amuse the people he is dining with, Trump removes his dentures whenever Ivanka comes by, picks up the food item on his plate with the most phallic form, and pretends that his teeth are giving it a blowjob.
  • Don Jr. and Eric are invited to dinners that Trump organizes with his business colleagues, but he makes them sit at a separate “kids table.”
  • Donald Trump prevents his cooks from ever serving him any type of sausage due to the many claims that he has “porky, little sausage fingers.”
  • Chef Pleisher occasionally observed Barron Trump dining with him, he overheard Trump refer to Barron as “Boy” and treat his kid like a servant who was clearly clueless of who he was.
  • Once Donald Trump was accidentally served regular Coke instead of his usual Diet Coke, he demanded to be taken to the hospital to have his stomach pumped.

The statements attributed to Donald Trump by Chef Abe Pleisher, if indeed accurate, can certainly be perceived as bizarre and perhaps even a bit sinister.

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