A video shows a UFO formation at the moment when a mysterious blue light illuminates New York at night

 Something really incredible happened, millions of people saw how the night sky of New York turned bright blue. The mysterious incident turned night into day on Thursday about 9:20 pm local time in just a few seconds, which caused panic among New Yorkers. And, as if that were not enough, there were also power cuts that affected even the LaGuardia Airport in Queens. And how could it be otherwise, thousands of people shared images of the strange event in social networks, as it seemed a scene taken from the movie Skyline?( blue light illuminates New York)

And for this reason, social networks became a real hotbed of people who claimed that it was an extraterrestrial invasion or even signs of the imminent apocalypse. However, due to the commotion caused, the New York Police Department (NYPD) explained that it was an explosion in a transformer at a Con Ed facility east of Astoria and north of Queens, what turned the night sky into an intense blue. The NYPD confirmed the explosion and added that there were no injuries or casualties as a result of the incident. And he also made it clear that it had nothing to do with extraterrestrial activity.( blue light illuminates New York)

Although the authorities have offered a logical and rational explanation for what happened last Thursday in New York, two days later there are many who do not believe it. Some people who approached the site of the alleged explosion said that the strange light was moving in the sky and heard a strange sound, even some said that the strange fire was extinguished before the firefighters arrived. But now, a video shows that it was not an explosion in a transformer in a Con Ed installation, rather “something” that came from the sky.( blue light illuminates New York)

UFOs over Queens

After the strange incident in New York, social networks have been filled with new testimonies and new videos of UFO sightings. There are many eyewitnesses who have uploaded images showing UFOs flying over Queens and other nearby areas.( blue light illuminates New York)

But of all the videos uploaded to social networks, possibly the one that has caught the most attention is the one posted by the Twitter user “don (@ GRAVE5_)” , in which you can see some enigmatic flashing lights information on the New York neighborhood of Astoria and moving to form what seems to be a kind of circle, until suddenly disappear accompanied by an intense blue light.

“This has happened in Astoria, Queens, during the explosion,” he writes ( @ GRAVE5_. “Who are you cheating?”

And shortly after its publication, the video had hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes, with many users claiming that it was irrefutable evidence that the UFOs were the ones that caused the explosion and the consequent blackout in the streets. Experts in the field explained that it is well known that UFOs have caused lightning, storms, tornadoes and even earthquakes. Although there were also some who said that the mysterious blue lights in the sky could be the result of the Blue Beam project , the supposed false alien invasion prepared by the elite and the governments to establish a New World Order.( blue light illuminates New York)

Unnecessary teasing

However, skeptics and those who accepted the official version said that the blue sky was caused by aluminum. In fact, many metals are used in electrical substations, especially transformers. According to electrical engineers, if they burn they can emit blue light, especially when dust and other particles are reflected in the air.

mysterious blue light UFOs - A video shows a UFO formation at the moment when a mysterious blue light illuminates New York at night

Even the governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomoscoffed at all those who claimed that it was an extraterrestrial incident. During a press conference transmitted from his Facebook page, Cuomo said that they found something really “peculiar”, to later remove an alien mask.

“We found a little peculiar evidence, this was on the site ,” Cuomo said as he pulled out an alien mask. “What has raised some questions, but I have been told that it is a safety team for workers, I think. But there is no truth in the extraterrestrial invasion or in the landing of a UFO. “

It seems that each time they have more complicated to hide the truth, or every time there are more “awake” that they see beyond the official explanations. And however much those who reveal the reality in which we live, who remove evidence of extraterrestrial activity on our planet or discredit witnesses of their infamous plans, mock or ridicule, the truth will eventually be revealed.

What is your opinion about the incident in Queens? An explosion in a transformer, extraterrestrial activity or Blue Beam project?

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