A UFO in France appears in the form of a boomerang at high speed

Many people forget that the term UFO serves to define an unidentified flying object, which means that no one really knows what it is. While many UFO sightings have been documented over the years and on all continents, the only thing that unites these encounters is that many of these mysterious objects that appear out of nowhere in our skies can not be identified.(UFO in France)

Of course, ufologists and conspiracy theorists suggest all sorts of theories, ranging from advanced military aircraft to visits in the form of extraterrestrial life. However, skeptics dismiss these theories claiming that they are simply strange weather patterns, commercial aircraft or misidentified birds. But this has not prevented more and more people from believing in conspiracy theories. There is even a day of the year dedicated to lovers of the UFO theme, World UFO Day, whose goal is to force governments to declassify any information they have about strange flying objects in our skies. But to date, all we know is that UFOs in the form of twinkling lights, rotating objects, luminous spheres and black dots continue to appear.(

And the reality is that there are UFO sightings around the world, and some areas of our planet seem to be more prone to this type of activity. And there are not only UFO sightings in the United States and England. As in France, where a person has recorded what appears to be an unidentified flying object in the form of a boomerang. The video has become a subject of debate between the believers of the UFO subject and the conspiracy theorists.

UFO sighting over France

The video, uploaded to YouTube on the Now You Know channel, was recorded on June 14 and shows a mysterious object in the form of a very bright boomerang moving across the sky in broad daylight over Midi-Pyrénées (in French: Midi-Pyrénées), an administrative region of France.((UFO in France))

“A disc-shaped silver object was recorded flying off the southwest coast of France,” reads the video description. “The UFO was recorded on June 14, 2018 in France, possibly near the interior region of Midi Pyrenees. In the video you can see that he performs high-speed aerial maneuvers and moves as smart. “


Although what has most struck is that curiously, the UFO that can be seen in the images has a very similar shape to the alien ship of the science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott ‘Prometheus’. But the controversy that has arisen has not been precisely by the UFO, but rather because originally the video was published by the YouTube channel ‘ZealotInAll Black3’ , which was eliminated after having increased the sighting for allegedly violating the Rules of the Community.(UFO in France)

This has provoked all kinds of reactions among the conspiracy theorists, who believe that the elimination of the channel is due to the fact that it is clearly a real UFO of extraterrestrial origin . Even the controversial ufologist Tyler Glockner, responsible for the YouTube channel ‘secureteam10’, has investigated the video, speculating with the possibility that it was an object similar to the ships of the Star Wars saga.

As the video went viral, some experts in the field suggest that these UFO sightings are clear evidence that the government is executing the infamous Blue Beam Project , also known as the false alien invasion or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Others said that this new sighting could be related to the new Donald Trump Space Force as they could be doing secret military maneuvers in our skies.(UFO in France)

UFO in France

Although popular theory says that these sightings are irrefutable proof of the existence of extraterrestrial activity on our planet. It is well known that certain civilizations from other worlds have been visiting Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and now they could be preparing for the great revelation.(UFO in France)

And although the skeptics consider that this object is an unmanned aircraft, it must be said that a drone is not capable of performing such aerial maneuvers at such a high speed . No doubt this new material has everything to become a great conspiracy plot, a video that is published by a YouTube channel that is eliminated within a few hours.

Is this evidence that it is a real UFO?

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