Cameras Filmed The mystical Disappearance of A Woman In Antique Clothes

In 2013, a mysterious incident took place in a Columbian city, where a woman in antique clothes strangely disappeared and interestingly, the mystical disappearance of the woman was caught on two security cameras.
The cameras filmed an unknown woman with black flowing hair, a light blouse, and a dark long skirt at night. 
The woman walked briskly down the street before suddenly disappearing into thin air. 

Cameras Filmed The Mystical Disappearance Of A Woman In Antique Clothes

The camera operator thought of it as a technical glitch at first, but what he saw next was shocking.
He watched recordings from other cameras in the same area and one more security camera filmed a woman in outdated clothes dissolving into thin air in the same place.

Cameras Filmed The Mystical Disappearance Of A Woman In Antique Clothes

The camera operator was thrilled to see the mystical disappearance of the woman.
The perplexed operator looked through other recordings on cameras, hoping that a similar “glitch” was repeated with other pedestrians, but none of the people filmed, except for the very woman, disappeared into thin air. 

Though the incident in the video has been narrated in spanish language, however, what we intend to see is clearly visible and beyond our comprehension.
When this entry was published in the news on TV and spread on Spanish-speaking social networks, many users drew attention to the fact that the woman was wearing out-of-date clothes. 
It is known that colombians dressed in a similar way until the middle of the twentieth century, but today such wide and long skirts can be seen on women only at ethnic or historical festivals. 

The hairstyle of the disappeared stranger also raised many questions, if you look closely, you can see that the woman walks with her face lowered and her black hair falls heavily over her eyes. 
Later, information appeared that the mystical disappearance of this woman could possibly be a case of teleportation or time travel.
Local researchers keenly investigated the case, whether they found out something or not remained unknown.

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