the mystery deaths of three astronauts in 1967- An accident or a conspiracy?

Surprisingly, the conspiracy theory of “the mystery of the deaths of three astronauts” is less known and perhaps, people around the world have not even heard of it.
According to the Conspiracy theorists, the mysterious death of the astronauts was an attempt by the authorities to conceal a secret.

Apollo 1 was going to be the first manned mission that would test important technologies in Earth orbit.
However, the first moon landing occurred on July 20, 1969, on the Apollo 11 mission. 
Initially, the flight was supposed to take place a year earlier in February 1967 on the Apollo-1 spacecraft.
NASA’s Apollo program commenced with one of the worst disasters that the organization has ever been confronted with.
A routine prelaunch test turned fatal when a fire broke out in the module killing the spacecraft’s cabin crew, all three astronauts.
There were warning signs, similar accidents that had claimed lives both in the United States and abroad. The Apollo 1 crew could have been saved from a gruesome death.
The crew members were Gus Grissom, Edward Higgins White, and Roger Chaffee.

Two years after the tragic accident, the Apollo 11 crew went to the Moon with astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. 
If the Apollo 1 astronauts had not died in that fire, one of them would definitely have been in the Apollo 11 crew.
So, according to the conspiracy theorists, at the stage of preparation for the Apollo-1 flight, the crew was informed there was no preparation for the lunar mission, and the entire mission with the landing on the moon of the Apollo-1 crew would be filmed in film studios.

Grissom, White, and Chaffee felt deceived and perhaps even let slip that they would tell someone about it. 
Many conspiracy theorists believe that it was Grissom who wanted to tell the whole world about the fake landing on the moon.
The assertions are based on what they concluded from his tenacious character, his impatience with even the smallest lies, and other personal traits.
So, the authorities decided to remove them by setting a fire.

Shortly, after that fire, 10 more Apollo personnel died under strange circumstances. 
These were mainly accidents, fires, and car accidents, the details of the sudden deaths add credibility to the theory suggested by the conspiracy theorists.

One of those fatalities was Apollo safety inspector Thomas Byron, who died in a car accident in April 1967, two months after the death of three astronauts. 
The safety inspector was out with his wife and stepdaughter in a car when a derailed train hit them and killed all three instantly.
Interestingly, only a week before his death, Apollo personnel, Thomas Byron was summoned by Congress, where he was interrogated about the Apollo 1 incident. 

It is known that Byron personally prepared a detailed report on how the burned-out module and other NASA equipment was arranged, but how this report was received is unknown.
It is said that Byron found out about the mystery of the deaths of three astronauts and therefore they decided to remove him as he knew that it was a deliberate murder.

And the strange part is the cause of that catastrophic fire in the Apollo-1 module was never found. 
Only versions were expressed about an accidental spark or short circuit in the wiring, but the official commission neither confirmed nor denied the versions.

 At the same time, the death of the astronauts were almost instantaneous, they suffocated to death by the products of combustion in just 14 seconds.
Grissom’s relatives were dissatisfied with the results of the NASA investigation and are still confident that something is unclean here. 

“I think there was an act of sabotage, the thought of it stuck in my head,”

Scott Grissom, son of the deceased astronaut.

“What was discovered as a result of the investigation was very similar to something rigged with the participation of the CIA or someone else. I am sure that this was a deliberate atrocity,”

Grissom’s widow, Betty.

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