The CIA declassifies Archives on Pyramids and an extinct civilization on Mars

Among all documents declassified by the CIA, they have just found a transcript of an experiment for which a medium was consulted on Mars.(Pyramids and an extinct civilization on Mars)

Last January the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) posted online more than 12 million pages of declassified documents.

Among the documents released, which shed some light on the agency’s activities during the 1973 coup in Chile, about the Vietnam War and the Cold War, one has been found describing a paranormal experiment carried out by the entity.(Pyramids and an extinct civilization on Mars)

The document entitled ‘Mars Research’, dated May 22, 1984, contains the transcript of an experiment carried out by a CIA agent together with a medium.

What was the experiment?

The agent in charge of writing it wrote a date and place on paper, then put the paper in an envelope and sealed it. The sealed envelope was delivered to the medium, who was warned that the experiment would be related to geographic coordinates, although no more specifications were given.(Pyramids and an extinct civilization on Mars)

In the note the agent of the CIA had written:

“1. Planet Mars. 2. Time: about a million years before Christ “. Then the agent communicated a coordinate to the medium (40.89 degrees north latitude and 9.55 west longitude) and asked him to focus on these data. “

“I have an oblique view of a pyramid or a pyramidal form … It is very high, it seems to be located in a large and desolate territory. It is yellowish … “, began to tell what the medium saw.(Pyramids and an extinct civilization on Mars)

When asked about the surface of the planet, the medium responded that he saw “dark storm clouds” that could indicate a “geological problem”.

“I see very large megalithic structures … Dark images of people, very tall and thin … as if they had been there but they were no longer … They no longer live there.”

The coordinates indicated to the medium by the agent corresponding to the Martian region of Cydonia Mensae, where ufologists, according to ‘The Mirror’, often detect ‘artificial pyramidal forms’.

The declassified CIA documents confirm that the Remote Viewing was taken very seriously by the Agency and other intelligence services. Significant funding entered the study of the remote viewing utility as an intelligence-gathering tool.

The conclusion was that the remote vision was accurate enough to be used for fieldwork.

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