US Media Report Six UFOs Near International Space Station

Since NASA decided to broadcast audio-video in real-time from the International Space Station (ISS), the controversy has been served. Above all, for the numerous cases in which the US space agency has deliberately cut a live transmission by the appearance of inexplicable objects. In January 2015, NASA decided to cut off the signal after a small gray object slowly appeared in front of the camera and then disappeared. Once again, that of July 9, 2016, another live video of the ISS showed an object entering the atmosphere of the Earth and moments later the broadcast was cut.

In all these cases it is clear that you can not know for sure if they were an alien UFO or another type of object, but it is curious that NASA quickly cut the video signal right at the time of the sighting. Most of NASA’s explanations of these objects are based on meteors, space debris, or ice, but more and more people do not believe in the official version. And it has happened again, this time six UFOs appeared out of nowhere in front of the cameras of the International Space Station, until mysteriously the signal was cut off.

Six UFOs or a huge mothership?

The video of just 31 seconds shows the outer part of the International Space Station, but within six seconds there are six large, bright spheres. The sighting was discovered by the popular YouTube channel Streetcap1, later shared by secureteam10.

“They have discovered what some call a fleet of unidentified flying objects moving behind the International Space Station said Tyler Glockner, head of the YouTube channel secureteam10. “We have about six UFOs passing behind, and judging by the distance, I suppose the size of these objects, whatever they are, would be quite large. Much larger than NASA’s typical ice particle excuse. Rather these look like icebergs.

Tyler said suspiciously NASA cut off the live stream and changed it into a camera that showed the inside of a meeting room. But what no one expected was that this video became the news of some of the most important media in the world, such as the US television program Fox & Friends or CBS This Morning.

“CBS This Morning reported that a video showed six unidentified flying objects (UFOs) passing near the International Space Station information before the video broadcast was cut off and a blank screen remained. It could be an extraterrestrial contact in the near future,  wrote a Facebook user.

Tyler told a reporter for the British newspaper The Independent that he watched as the live video stream was cut short after UFOs approached the International Space Station. But many users who usually follow the transmission saw the sighting.

“War” on YouTube

But the controversy does not end here. This new video posted by the YouTube channel  “secureteam10” has highlighted numerous criticisms among the UFO and conspiracy community. Another Youtube channel called “Lions Ground” accuses Tyler Glockner of misleading Internet users for their own benefit. A representative of “Lions Ground” told the British tabloid The Sun that “secureteam10” is doing harm to real UFO research.

“He has made fun of believers in UFOs and today drives a fancy car saying ‘thank you donkeys,’” said the Lions Ground representative.

Regardless of the veracity of the video, what if it is true that the Internet has become a race against time to win the largest number of followers, and where “only one can remain” And while channels like “secureteam10” or “Streetcap1” provide a lot of material on UFOs and other similar phenomena, Lions Ground simply criticizes them with the sole intention of “stealing” the largest number of users of such channels.

Controversial aside, the reality is that it is not frequent to see so many UFOs in a live broadcast of NASA, as well as the mainstream television media, echo this type of news. Do not hesitate to watch the video and comment below

Do you think this is a UFO fleet? A huge mother ship? Or is there any other explanation?

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