CIA Scientist Acknowledges That The Video Of The 1947 Extraterrestrial Autopsy Is Real

Perhaps one of the greatest unexplained mysteries and the most famous UFO incidents in the world is the Roswell incident. But more controversial was the video of the alleged extraterrestrial autopsy. It is said that the video was recorded on June 2, 1947, and published by Ray Santilli, who explained that the images belonged to a former unidentified camera operator.

The video is a black and white, poor quality, a seventeen-minute film that emerged in the 1990s. However, in 2006, Santilli admitted that the film was not authentic and was simply a “reconstruction” of the images that He claimed to have seen in 1992.

This provoked all kinds of comments and speculation, mainly that Santilli was pressured to declare that it was all a simple deception. But it seems that this was actually the case since a new document says that a well-known CIA scientist said that the video of the extraterrestrial autopsy was real.

The Truth About The Extraterrestrial Autopsy

Roswell’s video was first presented in 1995 by British businessman Ray Santilli, who said he discovered the mysterious film roll by accident when he tried to obtain Elvis Presley footage from a retired US military camera operator. Santilli sold the images to hundreds of television channels in more than 30 countries.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the document in question states that the former CIA scientist Kit Green was informed on three different occasions during and after his service with the Central Intelligence Agency on issues related to UFOs and autopsy. the alien from Roswell incidents. Once he left the CIA in 2001, the documents state that Green was summoned to the Pentagon by a “person in uniform” to professionally evaluate the legitimacy of the images. They showed him a series of photographs of the ‘autopsy’, as well as several reports before delivering his own report in January of that same year.

In summary, it is said that Green sensationally determined that the video of the autopsy is real, that the extraterrestrial corpse is real, and that it had been shown previously in the Pentagon briefing of 1987/88. 

An email included in the document also details that Green claims that the alien forensic organs are stored in the Walter Reed Army Medical Institute and Pathology Institute in Washington, DC

“The public relations people around Santilli are not operating with a full set of dishes, it’s a little dense and it’s not very nice to start with, ” Green told the people who suggested the images were not real.

But curiously, in 2017, the filmmaker Spyros Melaris revealed that he had helped Santilli to create the montage, establish a fake laboratory in a London apartment and use brains of pigs and animal organs to present extraterrestrial foam sculpture. And this has sparked a debate among UFO researchers, leading many to believe that it is authentic. At the time, British researcher Philip Mantle described the video as the biggest cheat in history, but this document shows the opposite.

“This shows that, just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes to prove the contrary”, Mantle told the British tabloid The Sun .

Melaris insists that he led a team that created a black and white video that deceived the entire world in 1995. He also confirmed that John Humphreys, a special effects expert who also worked on the iconic British television series Doctor Who, manufactured the corpse of the extraterrestrial. He added that it was his brother and his girlfriend who were part of the team of “government pathologists” that were filmed to dissect the extraterrestrial.

To add more authenticity to his work, the 16mm film was mounted together with the news of a 1947 college baseball game at Roswell to convince Kodak’s experts that it was real. Santilli supposedly made millions of dollars with his video. However, this new document reveals the opposite , that pressed Santilli and Melaris to publicly say that it was all a great deception. And the reality is that the video of the extraterrestrial autopsy is completely real.

Again we are facing an unprecedented scandal, a CIA scientist recognizing the Roswell incident and that a highway was made to an extraterrestrial being.

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