Enoch: The Mysterious Builder of the Great Pyramid of Egypt Revealed in Ancient Texts

The enigma surrounding the Egyptian pyramids remains unresolved. Certain archaeologists posit that they are the remarkable achievements of the ancient Egyptians, while others assert that these awe-inspiring structures may have been constructed by civilizations surpassing humanity’s capabilities.

Enoch: The Mysterious Builder of the Great Pyramid of Egypt Revealed in Ancient Texts

Did Enoch Help In The Construction Of Pyramids?

The Pyramid of Cheops, also known as Khufu, is commonly attributed to the Egyptians. However, alternative theories, such as those proposed by ancient astronaut theorists, suggest that the ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids under divine guidance, specifically that of the god Enoch.

The traditional account states that Pharaoh Cheops was responsible for the construction of the Great Pyramid. Curiously, no statue of him has been discovered thus far. The absence of a statue raises questions about the grandiosity associated with such a monumental structure and the potential reasons behind the lack of a depiction of Cheops within the pyramid.

Some theories propose that the pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) served as an energy facility, deriving its name from a simple cartridge found within the pyramid. It is believed that the association of the name Khufu or Khufu with the structure is a result of Victorian graffiti. Colonel Howard Vyse, an Egyptologist, utilized drills and explosives to penetrate the Great Pyramid and seemingly sought to establish his own legacy through such explorations.

Enoch: The Mysterious Builder of the Great Pyramid of Egypt Revealed in Ancient Texts

Despite Colonel Vyse’s initial diary entry stating that he did not encounter anything resembling a cartridge, his later book publication, two years after the expedition, claimed that he had discovered a red-painted cartridge bearing the name of Pharaoh Khufu.

This particular account stands as the sole source linking the Great Pyramid to Khufu, dating it back approximately 2,500 years ago, as it is believed that Khufu reigned during that period. However, two students from the University of Dresden, Germany, managed to acquire a small sample of the paint from the cartridge and subjected it to analysis and carbon dating in a laboratory.

Unfortunately, the sample size was insufficient for precise dating. Nevertheless, the technicians made a startling revelation: the pigment appeared to have been applied to the stone blocks during later repairs rather than being an original feature of the construction.

This discovery suggests that the cartridge might not have been an authentic part of the pyramid’s initial construction but instead added at a significantly later date.

Colonel Vyse’s expedition, dedicated to unraveling the truth behind the Great Pyramid, reportedly cost more than $3 million. Given the magnitude of his undertaking and the potential pressure to produce noteworthy findings, it raises the question of whether Vyse, in his desperation to unearth something of significance, resorted to an unorthodox act—inscribing the name of Khufu on the chamber wall—to establish an inaccurate dating for the structure.

Enoch: The Mysterious Builder of the Great Pyramid of Egypt Revealed in Ancient Texts

Another piece of evidence contradicting the conventional dating of the pyramid and the entire Giza complex is the Inventory Stela, a text from the 7th century BC discovered in 1958. This stela mentions the presence of both the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), as well as the construction of another pyramid distinct from the Great Pyramid. Does this stela suggest that both the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx existed long before Khufu’s rule?

Additionally, according to the Arab geographer and historian Taki al-Makrizi, who lived between 1364 and 1442, Enoch was known by various names in different villages, such as Saurid, Hermes, Idris, and Enoch. Al-Makrizi highlights that the Great Pyramid was constructed prior to a great flood by a king named Saurid. His research indicates that Saurid is synonymous with the figure known as Enoch in Jewish society.

According to al-Makrizi, Enoch was taken to heaven by the Archangel Michael, who informed him of an impending cataclysm and provided instructions for building the Great Pyramid as a repository of accumulated knowledge to safeguard it from the flood. Enoch then returned to Earth and commenced the construction of the Great Pyramid with the assistance of angels.

Is there validity to al-Makrizi’s claim that Enoch was the builder of the pyramids?

Perhaps our understanding of ancient Egypt is flawed, and it is necessary to explore alternative explanations that encompass the potential involvement of extraterrestrial beings in the creation of the Great Pyramid.

We have explored various intriguing perspectives surrounding the Egyptian pyramids and their construction, ranging from theories tied to ancient texts and historical accounts to speculations about extraterrestrial involvement.

While these ideas challenge conventional narratives, they encourage us to question and reconsider our understanding of ancient civilizations. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Do you believe there is more to the pyramids than meets the eye? We invite you to share your opinions and engage in a thoughtful discussion in the comment section below.

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  1. Perhaps those other pyramids are the ones ordered build by the pharaohs..not the three great pyramids … trying to imitate one for them .. that is why those pyramids were not perfect .. not that those were the first ones that was built … before perfection comes to the three resembling the stars of Orion.

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