The Men in Black and Their Mysterious Influence on the Calvine UFO Case

Men in Black Involvement Revealed in Calvine UFO Case, Witness Reports

On a dark and stormy night in Pitlochry, a small town in the Scottish Highlands, the scorching heat of August had finally given way to a stunning thunderstorm. Outside, at the back door of a hotel in the center of town, a group of young chefs gathered to refresh themselves after a hard day in the kitchen. That night was different from the others, as two of them were arguing, visibly agitated, about a recent incident.

According to the witness, what was seen that day in 1990 was top-secret technology from the United States.

Could what was seen in the Calvine case be an object product of reverse engineering applied to ships of non-human origin?

The Unusual Calvine UFO Sighting

A few days earlier, while walking through the high valleys of Calvine, near the Cairngorms, the chefs had witnessed something that left them terrified: a massive diamond-shaped object, approximately 30 meters long, floated silently overhead. Fortunately, they were carrying a camera and managed to capture some images while hiding in the bushes. With these photos, they turned to the Daily Record, Scotland’s largest circulation newspaper, hoping for a possible UFO revelation.

Calvine’s original photograph, shows the diamond-shaped ship and a Harrier plane. Credit: Sheffield Hallam/Craig Lindsay.

Excitement and fear mixed in the young people, who wondered if they would become famous or if the planet was about to be invaded. In the middle of their conversation, a dark car stopped in front of the hotel and two mysterious figures, dressed in black suits, got out of the vehicle and called the chefs by name. After a brief conversation, they were taken somewhere for a “talk.”

The Men In Black Visit After Calvine UFO Photograph

The next day, the chefs who had had the encounter with the men in black showed very different behavior. Richard Grieve, a retired chef who worked with them at the time, remembers that they were visibly distraught and although they did not want to give specific details, they mentioned that the men “were from the Royal Navy.” Subsequently, both chefs began behaving strangely, stopped showing up for work, and eventually left the hotel. Richard did not see them again.

Grieve, who recently gave testimony to researcher and journalist David Clarke, firmly believes that the chefs saw something they shouldn’t have and that one of them’s cryptic comment, “It was the Americans,” suggests a connection to the United States.

The Calvine UFO Incident and the Search for the Truth

The Calvine incident and the search for photographs taken that night have fascinated journalists and ufologists for over 15 years. The investigation revealed a path of secrets, from the Scottish Highlands to the highest and most secret spheres of the Pentagon in the United States.

Clarke found a photocopied image in a British Ministry of Defense (MoD) archive and, after an arduous search, traced the original image to the home of Craig Lindsay, a retired RAF press officer, who had kept the photo for 32 years.

This graphic prepared by Andrew Robinson compares the original image of Calvine (left) with the photocopy faxed from RAF Pitreavie to the British MoD in 1990 (centre) and the photocopy of the Calvine sighting published by the National Archives in March 2009 ( right). Red boxes highlight identifying features present in all three images. By overlaying them all, both planes line up exactly in all three images.

In August 2022, the photo was published in the Daily Mail and became one of the most discussed and enigmatic UFO images in the world. It was widely spread on the internet, and various theories emerged about the origin of the diamond-shaped object, from the most skeptical of it being just the reflection of an island in the water to those suggesting that it was an extraterrestrial ship intercepted by RAF planes. —which also appear in the photo—.

The enigma of the diamond-shaped UFO

Although some in the military suggest it could be stealth technology developed by the United States, such as the Hopeless Diamond and Aurora projects , other people believe the photo is a hoax. Despite this, expert analyses of the image found no evidence of tampering, adding to the mystery.

Breaking his silence after 34 years, Richard Grieve, now 55, spoke exclusively to Dr David Clarke (right) to describe what happened on that mysterious night in 1990. Credit: Graeme Hunter/David Clarke.

Richard Grieve clearly remembers the chefs and the story they told him: they saw a military jet fly near the UFO and, after taking photos, the diamond-shaped craft ascended vertically and disappeared without a sound. However, the negatives of the photos never surfaced, and the entire incident was kept secret.


Despite years of investigation and growing public attention, questions about the Calvine case and the chefs who disappeared without a trace persist. Clarke thinks the truth could be related to secret US military experiments, possibly at the top-secret Area 51 base.

Meanwhile, the British investigator continues to seek to locate more witnesses and people who were closely related to what happened more than 30 years ago.

Source: Dr. D. Clarke / DM

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