The Strange Suicide Of Conspiracy Theorist Danny Casolaro And The Secret Group “Octopus”

Danny Casolaro was neither the first nor the last American conspiracy theorist to die under strange circumstances after unearthing the dark secrets of the US government.

On August 1, 1991, the body of a middle-aged man was found in a room at the Sheraton Inn in Martinsburg, West Virginia. It was lying in the bathroom, everything around it was covered with blood, and the maid, who found the body, received a severe shock and fainted.

It all looked like a bloody suicide, the man’s wrists on both hands were cut several times and the wounds were very deep. Without assistance, this person would have died shortly after inflicting such wounds.

At the hotel reception, it was revealed that the man who lived in this room was a writer, journalist, and researcher named Danny Casolaro. His death came as a complete surprise to all of his friends and family, but most of them eventually accepted the suicidal version.

Danny Casolaro

However, to some, Casolaro’s death looked very suspicious. As police detectives began to investigate the case more deeply, more and more strange details began to appear. Soon, American conspiracy theorists drew attention to this case and concluded that Casolaro did not kill himself, and all this was only a staging in order to disguise the murder.

The fact is that a year and a half before “suicide” Danny Casolaro came across something very dark and the more he immersed himself in this business, the more he understood its scale. He discovered the presence of a mysterious shadow group “Octopus” (“Octopus”), which stood behind almost every high-profile event in the world.

Danny Casolaro

It all started with Casolaro’s friend, William Hamilton, who worked as a programmer for his own company called Inslaw and once created a very sophisticated PROMIS program for tracking, covert surveillance and catching criminals. 

But then Hamilton accused the Justice Department of illegally using his program and turning it into a spy program. For several years, starting in 1983, Hamilton sued the Justice Department and then called on Casolaro to help him.

Casolaro found out that the Justice Department had indeed modified Hamilton’s program and sold it to foreign intelligence agencies in Israel, Jordan and other countries. And the more he delved into this matter, the more he realized that he had climbed into a huge secret network, which includes many people around the world.

He found that the network, which he called “The Octopus,” was instrumental in events such as the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Nixon. Also, Octopus agents were behind the holding of American hostages in Iran during the Iranian crisis, which helped Ronald Reagan win the 1980 presidential election.

The same Octopus, Casolaro learned, was behind the 1988 explosion of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, and was even involved in covert operations at the Zone 51 military base in Nevada.

Casolaro was able to find out that Octopus was associated with Project Majestic 12, which observed the wreckage of an alien ship that fell in Roswell in 1947 in Area 51, and studied the bodies of dead aliens. 

When Casolaro was already very deeply buried in his investigation, he began to receive anonymous death threats if he did not stop working. At some point, Danny Casolaro even told his brother that if an accident happens to him and he dies, then let the brother not believe it, because everything will be intentionally set up.

Investigation into Casolaro’s death found that about 24 hours before his death, the writer met with another informant named William Turner and much indicated that Casolaro received a lot of necessary information from him. According to people who saw him after meeting him at the hotel, Casolaro did not appear worried or upset, but was very calm and good-natured.

The study of the method of suicide chosen by Casolaro left many questions. Firstly, he was actually very afraid of the sight of blood, only his brother knew about it, so Casolaro would never voluntarily choose such a method of suicide, even being in a very severe depression.

Danny Casolaro
Danny Casolaro’s wounds

Second, it turned out that the cuts on the wrists of both hands were so deep that the ulnar arteries were completely severed. But in this case, Casolaro would no longer be able to wield his hand so normally as to inflict the same deep cuts on the other wrist. 

The strange death of Danny Casolaro especially interested two conspiracy friends – Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith , who in 1996 published a book about this case called Octopus. But before the book had time to disperse among the buyers, they began to notice that they were being followed.

In 1999, Jim Keith discovered that someone had hacked into his computer and deleted all the files. Keith did not even have time to begin an investigation into this case, as a few days later he suddenly felt sick when he performed from the stage at the Burning Man Art Festival in Nevada. He fell off the stage and broke his knee, and when he was taken to the hospital, he was safely operated on. 

However, while he was in the ward, recovering from anesthesia, something else happened to him and he suddenly died. An autopsy showed that a blunt force trauma had been inflicted on his chest, which damaged his lungs.

Read more about the death of Jim Keith here.

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