Little black humanoid creatures in white dresses from Texas

For decades and even today, people living in Texas regularly see strange little humanoid creatures.
They are also called goblins, trolls, and gnomes in various regions.

The following story about gnomes was told by a woman named Jenny.

Jenny belongs to Indiana and met her husband there, but after seven years of their marriage, they decided to move to Los Fresnos, Texas, where her husband’s relatives lived.
They bought a plot and built a house there.
Nearby her place, there was a dirt road leading to Old Alice city.

The place was sparsely populated and very picturesque, she often went out in the morning for a walk and used to take her three little sons with herself.

“One morning, when we were walking, we noticed some letters in the dirt on the dirt road. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that there was written an incomprehensible word “CHENTA” (CHENTA). It looked very strange since the road went right past our house and so rarely did anyone pass on it that it was heavily overgrown with grass.”

“That is, we would definitely see the one who wrote this word if he came or came here.”


The heat of South Texas dries up slurry in minutes.
The letters written in the mud were fresh as they have not dried up, so whoever wrote the letters, wrote them less than an hour ago.

“And then my eldest son shouted to me “Look, there are little people!” and I looked in the direction where he was pointing. I saw these creatures, they were standing in the middle of the road just 10 meters away from us.” 


“At first I even thought I was hallucinating, but in clear daylight, I did see them – five very small humanoid creatures with completely black skin. They stood and just looked at us.”


Jenny took a few steps forward to have a closer look at what she seeing. 
She saw that the humanoid creatures were wearing white pointed hats on their heads, like the garden gnomes in cartoons, and they were dressed in white loose dresses that looked like a hoodie or a cassock. 
One of the humanoid creatures had a dress tied at the waist with a rope.

“One of them was much taller than the others and was about the size of a 4-year-old child. His clothes were not white, but black, and he behaved like their leader, making some hand signs to others. After he waved his hands, he got off the road and walked across a field of tall grass, while the other little humanoid creatures followed him.”


They were so small that they looked almost comical, but somehow I was very scared.


Despite the fear, Jenny was curious, so she ran in their direction to have a closer look of the tiny creatures.
But when the black leader turned back to her direction, she felt that she was paralyzed.

“I could not move at all. And my children, standing behind me, also froze in one place.”

“When the little men completely disappeared in the tall grass. the numbness subsided and I ran to look at that place. where they were. However, to my surprise, neither the humanoid creatures were there, nor any normal tracks. There were only bird prints.”


A month later, Jenny informed her neighbor about the incident and her neighbor told her that these creatures are quite familiar in these places and that they are also called gnomes, and Latin Americans call them duende.

Her neighbor also told her that these creatures love to make fun of people and skillfully imitate the voice of an adult father or mother in order to lure small children out of the house with its help. 

To appease the little black humanoid creatures, the mother of her neighbor brings them a donation of tobacco and a bottle of whiskey every full moon. 
She leaves these items in the garden and if she does not, these creatures uproot all the plants in her garden.

To be honest, I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I know that that day my children and I saw something strange. At the same time, even in bright daylight, I could not see their faces, they seemed blurred, like one dark spot. “


Well, what do you think about these strange little creature?
Have you ever had an experience with a Gnome, Goblin or any other strange creature?
Let us know in the comment box.

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