Viktor Schauberger: The Man Who Invented Flying Discs For The Nazis

Some historical figures leave behind little real information, but many secrets and mysteries.

One such person was a scientist, thinker, philosopher, and inventor, and the author of innovative technological ideas. He was hired to work for the Third Reich and allegedly built for the Nazis a flying machine that looked like a disc-shaped UFO for the Nazis.

And then this man suddenly disappeared from history as quickly and mysteriously as he appeared. It is officially believed that he died a natural death, but there are many theories that he was either deliberately killed or his death was faked, but in fact was kidnapped for his own purposes. 

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Viktor Schauberger

A man named Viktor Schauberger was born in Austria in 1885 and initially had an experience that had nothing to do with his future fame as the inventor of Hitler’s UFOs. He grew up in a hereditary family of foresters living in a vast area of ​​remote wilderness in Holzschlag, Upper Austria, and spent most of his youth and middle years tending more than 10,000 hectares of land.

During this time, constantly being in nature, he began to make many observations that profoundly changed his life and outlook. In particular, he was absolutely fascinated by water, which he regarded as an independent living organism, calling it the “Blood of the Earth” and the source of all living things. 

He especially focused on such properties of water as its spiral forms, eddies, fast currents, eddies, and easy harmony with the surrounding world.

He obsessively studied the movements and effects of water, continuing to form many theories, and then he began to craft completely innovative types of spiral-cut water gutters, the design of which was based on his own hydrodynamic system.

According to this system, an inward-moving and swirling water vortex could be used for power and thrust, which was the beginning of his revolutionary new idea for a new type of engine that relied on implosion (an explosion directed inward) rather than conventional explosions. 

Viktor Schauberger was completely self-taught, he never took any university courses, but he soon gained international recognition thanks to some of his ideas, patents, and inventions, and controversy. He was critical of the many inventions available in his era, believing that they work against the laws of nature and are destructive. 

Instead, he embraced the idea that humanity and nature can live together using alternative energy sources, such as using natural processes and live in harmony with them. His motto was “Kapieren und kopieren” (To comprehend and copy nature). Schauberger believed that many inventions of mankind were contrary to nature, and later he stated that even the propeller was an imperfect invention:

“As nature best demonstrated in the case of the winged maple seed, today’s propeller is a pressure rotor, and therefore a brake rotor, whose purpose is to allow the heavy maple seed to slowly fall to the ground like a parachute and move away from the wind.

No bird has such a rotating object on its head, nor a fish on its tail. This brake rotor was only used by a person for forward propulsion. As the propeller spins, drag increases in proportion to the square of the rotation speed. It is also a sign that this supposed propulsion device is not built naturally and is therefore out of place. “

Schauberger sought to bring his ideas to life by coming up with a detailed theory according to which water vortices can build on each other to create more and more forces, which, in turn, will create a force opposite to gravity. In essence, Schauberger was explaining how to create anti-gravity, which he called diamagnetism. 

He used these theories to create fantastic inventions such as a water blast turbine that sucked in air in a spiral, reaching enormous forces. He also invented the machine that created a typhoon-like suction force to control the temperature in a room, and a power generator. These machines created energy from water and air using spiral pipes and nozzles. 

All of this worked on the principles of clean energy and working with nature, apparently with little or no pollution and being completely sustainable.

It might seem odd that such a radical promoter of green energy and work with nature caught the attention of the Nazis, who were not particularly concerned with preserving the environment. But he really piqued their interest, and in 1934 the Nazis approached him with a tempting offer to work for them for a good salary. Schauberger agreed.  

Furthermore. In 1938, Nazi Party member Julius Streicher allegedly personally ordered him to build an aircraft that could use a vortex engine. This device had to have the shape of a disk and move completely differently from all modern aircraft while hovering in the air in one place (levitation), performing precise maneuvers, and accelerating at high speeds. 

Basically, they wanted Schauberger to build a futuristic anti-gravity ship using his own natural theories, and since they were the Nazis, he had no choice but to agree once again, receiving an exorbitant amount of money.

In 1940, Schauberger created the first prototype of his artificial UFO, called Repulsin A, which used friction between vortices and the surrounding air to force the air downward, creating an overall lifting and propelling effect, more or less producing a kind of mini-tornado, on the energy of which this ship moved. 

However, it was found that the vortex motor was unstable, and the fan inside the device could not spin as fast as required because the blades were pushing out too much air. At the time, no way was found to circumvent the problem of generating more intense rotational energy, and the device was deemed too impractical. 

Indeed, during the testing of the ship, although it could indeed levitate, it was almost impossible to control or move forward, usually quickly spinning out of control or even flying through the roof of the test hangar. 

According to rumors, the Nazis were furious at Schauberger’s inability to solve these problems, which caused the inventor to be temporarily imprisoned. But then he came under the personal attention of Heinrich Himmler, who drew Schauberger to work on another miracle of technology – a new type of silent mini-submarine, and then ordered to continue work on a new version of the anti-gravity device called Vril-7.

It is not known how far Schauberger went with the Vril-7, as the end of World War II halted all secret Nazi research (at least official), with most of his work, prototypes, and plans destroyed so that they would not fall into the hands of the Allies.

The Americans, knowing how important Schauberger was to the Germans, arrested him and took him to the United States, intensively interrogating him, but were never able to get much information from him. However, they were able to use all the information they received to the maximum. The fundamental principles that Schauberger used were later applied to several projects, including the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar, which was a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft developed during the Cold War era, and others. 

Schauberger, while in the United States, tried for several more years on various civilian vortex technology projects such as generators, water purification systems and air purification devices, before eventually returning to Austria on September 25, 1958, almost penniless.

He died quite suddenly, just five days after his return to his homeland, taking all his secrets with him to the grave. 

Since then, various conspiracy theories have regularly emerged about Schauberger, including that his research went much further than anticipated, and that many of the UFOs that were seen during the Second World War were in fact Schauberger’s experimental devices.

But all these are just hypotheses and unverified rumors, for sure no one knows anything. He remains in many ways a ghost person, the true scope of his work is unknown, and his research is enigmatic. 

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