David Hagen, 72 Years Old Claims to Have Thousands Of Hybrid Children With Extraterrestrials

Meet David Hagen, a 72-year-old resident of New Jersey, who shares an astonishing account of multiple intimate relationships with beings from other planets. Over the years, Hagen claims to have fathered thousands of “hybrid” children resulting from these interactions. His extraordinary experiences began when he was just eight years old and witnessed the landing of these beings on his parent’s farm.

The Trauma of Alien Encounters:

The idea of extraterrestrial life has intrigued humans for centuries, and numerous reports of UFO sightings and encounters have piqued our curiosity. Unfortunately, those who claim to be “abductees” often face societal stigma, and their experiences can be incredibly traumatic.

Many abduction cases leave long-lasting effects on the victims, with memories often resurfacing only under hypnosis. While some have had unexplained implants removed from their bodies, particularly in sensitive areas, the majority, especially women, recount distressing experiences such as medical examinations focusing on their genitals, sexual abuse, pregnancy, and even forced abortions.

David Hagen, 72 Years Old Claims to Have Thousands Of Hybrid Children With Extraterrestrials

David Hagen’s Fascinating “Phase Four” Contact

One of the most widely known cases of recent times involves David Hagen, a retired US citizen, who claims to have established “type 4” contacts with extraterrestrial beings. Hagen first encountered these beings when he was just eight years old and living on his parent’s farm. According to him, this initial meeting was only the beginning of numerous encounters to come.

At the age of 17, Hagen was allegedly abducted while wandering through the woods. During this abduction, he claims to have met “Crescent,” a female from the alien civilization. After engaging in a unique form of communication, Hagen asserts that they had a consensual intimate relationship, which continued for some time.

Their “relationship” resulted in numerous sexual encounters that led to the birth of countless hybrid children over the decades. Intrigued by his experiences, Hagen sought out ufology groups to share his knowledge about this alien race.

The Captivating “Love and Saucers” Documentary:

David Hagen, 72 Years Old Claims to Have Thousands Of Hybrid Children With Extraterrestrials

Hagen’s extraordinary story has been captured in the documentary “Love and Saucers,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Brad Abrahams. The film, which debuted at the prestigious Miami Film Festival, has received praise from both critics and audiences alike. Abrahams’s expertise in the field adds credibility to the documentary, ensuring that it will continue to be a topic of discussion in the future.

In Search of Understanding Extraterrestrial Life:

As we delve into the accounts of individuals like David Hagen, we remain hopeful that these extraordinary encounters will open new avenues of understanding regarding extraterrestrial life and the diverse experiences they bring. The fascination with the unknown persists, driving us to seek further knowledge about these enigmatic beings and their intriguing personalities.

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