Former worker of Area 51 affirms that He piloted a UFO and traveled in Time (Video)

A man claiming to be a former worker in Area 51 posted his own video claiming that he once piloted an extraterrestrial spacecraft engineered in reverse and that he may have traveled in time during the trip.

Area 51

In a video produced and uploaded by ApexTV , a man introduces himself as Robert Miller, gives some personal background (such as that his father once worked in Area 51) and then warns that what he is about to reveal will put him in danger and will probably be persecuted or silenced by the United States government.

Miller says he was selected to pilot a secret government program at the Groom Lake facility in Area 51, and when he arrived on the first day, in the middle of the night, he was greeted by men in black suits. He was soon informed that he would be a test pilot on a new reverse engineering aircraft of an alien ship that crashed in 1947. He briefly describes it, then delves into his alleged experiences. He comments:

“I remember being taken inside the ship and to the pilot’s seat. There was only room for one person in the giant ship. I looked around the cabin and saw only one seat. No joystick, no steering wheel, no other controls. However, there was a helmet. They told me that the ship was controlled telepathically. They told me to imagine that the ship began to float on the ground, but it did not work. Instead, I had to imagine that I was the ship, as part of it, and I began to think of myself floating off the ground and that’s when I felt the vibrations. “

Area 51

“I was 150 meters from the ground when the engine vibrations stopped. There was no ejection button on the ship. I was helpless. I was falling to the ground and I was unconscious. The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital. A man in a black suit came and explained what happened. He said that just before the ship fell to the ground, it went, boom, it disappeared. “

“Then, in the middle of the night, they heard a loud roar outside, the ship had crashed in the same place. Scientists had hypothesized that the ship had traveled in time. “

As many comments on the video point out, its content, like other ApexTV videos , is questionable. The video contains nothing more than the testimony of “Robert Miller” – no photos, stolen parts, other witnesses or any visible evidence of his experience. However, many commentators believe what “Robert Miller” says in the video. Is it the story that Robert Miller tells real, or is it just a hoax? Next, the original video of the protagonist of our story, and an interesting videoprogram by Jose Luis Camacho, from the Mundo Desconocido channel.

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