Ex-US Military Officer DC Long Witnessed Secret Anti-Gravity Experiment

Ex-US Military Officer DC Long Witnessed Secret Anti-Gravity Experiment

A US serviceman DC Long, who claims to have witnessed advanced alien technologies within a classified military bunker, reports a subsequent attempt on his life

The Claims Of Former US Military Officer DC Long – Saw A Monolithic Slab Levitating

Former US military officer DC Long alleges that he was targeted by the enigmatic Men in Black in a bid to silence his disclosures about the US government’s connections with extraterrestrial entities.

During his tenure in the military, Long recounts an incident when he gained access to a concealed hangar and beheld an unusual “anti-gravity experiment.” The sight that greeted him was that of a massive monolithic stone slab, measuring 6 meters in length, effortlessly suspended in mid-air.

In Long’s account, various tactics were employed to coerce his silence regarding the startling encounter. Both active and former military personnel linked to this clandestine initiative allegedly sought to intimidate him. Long further claims that a harrowing encounter occurred during a skydiving incident, resulting in a near-fatal attack – an event he attributes to his pursuit of truth.

Ex-US Military Officer DC Long Witnessed Secret Anti-Gravity Experiment

Subsequent to David Grusch’s attention-grabbing assertions, Long reached out to renowned ufologist Sean Ryan to divulge his own experiences during his tenure at the 18th Airborne Headquarters stationed at Fort Bragg, Northern California.

In the course of his service, Long journeyed to North Carolina to assist his father, a military contractor entrusted with the construction of a facility dedicated to training soldiers in weaponry usage.

Upon his arrival, Long was escorted by local soldiers to the construction site, guiding him through the discreetly tucked-away Range 19 hangar. It was there that Long inadvertently bore witness to an extraordinary anti-gravity experiment involving substantial stone slabs.

“I saw this giant monolithic slab just standing there. At first it didn’t cause any alarm, I didn’t attach much importance to it, but the closer we got to it, the better I could feel its intense vibration.”

Ex-US Military Officer DC Long Witnessed Secret Anti-Gravity Experiment

He saw that this monolithic huge slab hung silently in the air with no visible means of support. And he felt a powerful energy emanating from it.

“It was like being in a concert, standing next to one of the speakers penetrating your body… but without the noise.”

The soldiers led Long through the hangar very quickly and soon he was at the construction site, where he met his father. He was taken back about half an hour later by the same route. And when they again walked through the hangar, then Long now saw there already three plates, next to the first there were two more of the same size.

And Long saw how these heavy-looking slabs were carried away without the use of special construction equipment as if they weighed almost nothing.

The very next day, after Long observed the floating stove, his father’s offices were looted and his company went out of business. Long and his father were always close, but their relationship became very strained after that.

When Long asked his father, “Do you think this has anything to do with the Range 19 hangar?” Long replied sharply, “Never again, damn it, mention that name to me.”

“And that was the last time I was face-to-face with my father,” Long says tearfully.

Long’s father soon died of a sudden onset of aggressive cancer. And then Long had his own chilling encounter with death.

During a practice parachute jump, Long suddenly noticed that one of the people he had seen in Range 19 was among the other skydivers in the same plane with them. 

And when Long was already preparing to jump, this man came close to him:

“He winked at me, and as soon as the signal to jump was given, I felt his arm go down. I felt something hit me in the face, and it was like a static shock. neck.”

Long lay in a coma for a month, and when he woke up, he was recognized as disabled and dismissed from the army. For a long time he remained silent about his experience, but then changed his mind: 

“I can deal with the loss of my (military) career, I’m fine with that, I didn’t think I’d be doing this forever. But I won’t have people in this country just give away their freedom and think the government is doing them a favor.”

Many other former US military officers have said they have been threatened or offered bribes to keep quiet. Steven Greer himself claims that General Albert Stubblebine personally offered him two billion dollars for cooperation with the US government.

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