Men In Black Are Extraterrestrials Who Cover Up The Traces Left Behind By Aliens

Men In Black Are Extraterrestrials Who Cover Up The Traces Left Behind By Aliens

Ufologists typically take the subject matter of Men in Black quite seriously. Now, the most prevalent theory is that men in black are cyborgs, biorobots brought to Earth by aliens to cover up the visible traces of its visit by mysterious objects and to eliminate those who are attempting to research this phenomenon with excessive enthusiasm.


Alien Artifacts Bought By Men in Black in 1880’s

In 1880, New Mexico residents Jerome Clark and Lucius Farish told the Santa Fe Daily New Mexico that on the evening of March 26, they witnessed a cigar-shaped flying object with a massive propeller. The odd ship’s open gondola accommodated ten people. The ship veered to the right and left, altered its speed, sank, ascended, and at times approached the earth.

According to eyewitnesses, the ship’s occupants waved, laughed, and screamed in an unknown tongue. In general, their behaviour resembled that of individuals under the influence of alcohol. Apparently, it was also represented in the ship’s erratic flight. A passenger flung a number of stuff overboard.

The newspaper editors suggested that the flying ship was really a UFO.  In those days, they had already made their initial flights, but they were practically uncontrolled and lacked the precision of the ship observed by Clark and Farish.

Four years later, in 1884, the first controlled flight in an airship fitted with a motor occurred in France. This airship was able to travel a distance of 8 kilometres in 23 minutes. Near the nearest train station, a lovely flower, a strip of silky paper with hieroglyphic-like writing, and an exceptionally well-crafted cup were discovered after some time.

All of these goods, which were reportedly dropped from the mysterious ship quickly vanished under very peculiar conditions. A man clad in all black arrived at the station and requested to see the items he had discovered. After examining them, he concluded that the flower was made of artificial materials because it had not wilted, and he suggested that the flower and other things originated in Asia.

Then he offered them a sum of money that to which the railway personnel could not refuse. Despite all efforts, no items have been found so far. This incident occurred more than a century ago, when UFOs were not yet known, however it is eerily similar to recent instances involving these mysterious crafts.

In the archives of ufologists, there is a huge amount of evidence of the presence of men in black who are searching for UFO-related artefacts and eyewitnesses who likely witnessed something they were not supposed to.

Mutilated Carcasses Of Cows Picked Up By Men In Black

In 1963, as tales of bizarre cattle mutilations began to surface in American newspapers, farmer David Russell observed from his home’s veranda a black, elongated object rapidly descending through the night sky.

Cattle Mutilation
Cattle Mutilation

At his approach, both the cows and the dogs exhibited extreme fear. And when the UFO passed above the area, a hatch on its underside opened and stuff fell out. The thing did not react and continued to fly while concealing itself behind the hills.

Before contacting the authorities, Russell decided to investigate what had fallen from the odd machine. The fragments of cow carcasses had an interesting appearance. They were all stripped of their skin and exsanguinated.

The incisions were perfectly symmetrical, especially where the saw passed over the bones. At the saw incisions, cow corpses emitted a slight light, which astonished the farmer. He returned to the residence and called the police.

After a while, he peeked out the window and discovered, to his amazement, that a couple of men were already walking close to the mysterious remains. Russell was unable to wait for the police to arrive, so he went to find out who they were.

In this isolated place, everyone wore black suits, white shirts, and black ties, which was slightly out of the ordinary. Everyone had a cap on their head. Strangers placed cadaver fragments in bags. When the farmer inquired, one of them displayed an FBI agent identification card and instructed him to remain silent about the incident.

With suitcases in hand, they proceeded to the nearby forest instead of the roadway, where they vanished. In addition, they handled hefty bags as if they were weightless. The police arrived after one hour. Officers of the law were shocked by the farmer’s account. Nonetheless, they contacted the police, and the next day, FBI investigators interrogated Russell and examined the location where the cow corpses were scattered.

Russell did not reveal this incident until twenty-five years later. One of the officers who paid him a visit that night verified his account.

Men In Black
Men In Black

Men in Black Picking Up The UFO Wreckage

In 1985, a nearly identical event occurred in Minnesota. Allegedly, Men in black were hiding behind the UFO debris. On the evening of April 28, the family Daugherty was awoken by the noise of an explosion.

As they left the house, they observed scattered silvery metal fragments. They were smooth-polished on the exterior, while the interior and pieces were pitted. Even the largest ones weighed nearly nothing, which was a notable characteristic. The debris had a thickness of around 2.5 inches. The material was extremely flexible; it could be bent and compressed into a ball, similar to clay, and retain its new form.

The Doughertys had no doubt that the debris was from an alien spaceship. By law, they were state property, so the family patriarch phoned the police. Soon thereafter, two jeeps and a spacious van pulled up to the residence. People wearing dark suits exited the vehicles. They identified themselves as police officers. All of the debris was placed into a wagon, with some of the larger pieces crushed or rolled into clods.

The younger Dougherty concealed the little object within the garage. After collecting everything, the senior policeman approached the officer and requested that he hand up the hidden. He simultaneously pointed to the garage. Tom was compelled to comply.

Eventually, the real police arrived. The delay was caused by a bizarre failure of their car: the engine unexpectedly stalled in a remote area of the route. It was only effective within an hour.

Who came to Dougherty that evening and where their jeeps and van had gone remained unknown. The family patriarch recalled the license plate number of one of the cars, but it turned out that such a number does not exist. The hunt for a van and jeeps yielded no results. A NASA spokesperson later claimed that no spacecraft had crashed in the vicinity.

Men In Black
Men In Black

Are Men in Black Violent?

The Men in Black are suspected of killing a number of scientists involved in the development of military space technology. Sydney Sheldon, a renowned American author, and researcher produced a list of 23 scientists who died under extremely odd circumstances in 1986 alone.

The inquiry revealed that at least half of them had interacted with mysterious individuals clothed in black shortly before their deaths.

Those who maintain telepathic communication with representatives of other worlds are also visited by mysterious visitors. In general, visitors demand a cessation of contact efforts, choose publications on UFOs, and frequently wipe information received from alien correspondents from the contactees memories. They frequently utilize intimidation and threats.

Alvaro Sernuta, the Mexican contactee who formed a psychic link with an alien named Zeb, was persuaded by his own experience that their threats were not mere words.

After emerging from a coma following a terrible vehicle accident, Sernuta stated that the evening before the incident, he was contacted by two individuals in black suits whom he confused for plainclothes police officers. They informed him that they were aware of his telepathic links and asked that he terminate them.

In addition, they threatened that after Zeb’s initial encounter with them, he would suffer harsh punishment. A few days later, Sernuta nevertheless made contact with an alien, and a few hours later was involved in an automobile accident.

Apparently, the Men in black are responsible for the 1992 disappearance without a trace of the Filipino clairvoyant Salagar. This story, buried in obscurity, was mostly unnoticed. Even in the Philippines, hardly no one wrote about Salagar since she was opposed by the Catholic Church.

Before he vanished, Salagar had two glimpses of the near future of the Earth and humanity. In his dream, he saw them. He recalled them just hazily. The clairvoyant agreed to undergo regressive hypnosis after recognizing their significance and desiring that people gain a deeper understanding of them.

Immersed in it, he described the horrific images of cataclysmic occurrences he witnessed. Among them are a massive tsunami that encircled the world multiple times, blinding lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. He described the images as though he were viewing them from the side.

Salagar, a semi-literate peasant who had never left his isolated rural region, described in great detail places, buildings, and even the interiors of houses that he could not possible have visited. Supposedly, Salagar was able to observe and recall the date of these events in his first dream.

The clairvoyant vanished from the hospital during the fourth session of hypnosis administered by Dr. G. Marcos, the psychotherapist. Marcos and the nurse vanished along with him.

Additionally, all written, audio, and video materials associated with these sessions have vanished. The hospital staff and patients denied seeing anything. However, witnesses claim that on the evening these three individuals vanished, black-suited individuals entered the hospital.

They numbered at least two dozen. They resembled security personnel or agents of special services. The hospital administration has no knowledge of their visit.

Then, an intriguing narrative emerged. One of the hospital employees, who did not observe any strange individuals that evening, began to experience recurring nightmares and headaches. She claimed that, while under hypnosis, she observed persons in black suits wandering around the hospital and, most notably, how they escorted Dr. Marcos, a nurse, and Sagalar down the hospital corridor.

One must conclude that the most recent event is extremely typical. According to a number of ufologists, the known tales of Men in black are merely the “tip of the iceberg.”

In reality, there are many more encounters with these beings; but, humans do not recall them. As was the situation with the personnel of that Philippine hospital, the recollection of encounters with “space security agents” is wiped from the brains of eyewitnesses.

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