(Taured Man)

Taured Man: An Interdimensional Traveler Retained in Japan? (Video)

The man who arrived in Japan one day in 1954 was undoubtedly a stranger in a strange land. A Westerner in the land of the East, it rose above the majority of the Japanese swarming around the Tokyo airport complex. But soon, the surprised customs officials found that the man was more than a stranger in their midst.

(Taured Man)
(Taured Man)

The impossible man was a stranger from an unknown world, a world that exists entirely in another universe. An incident of very high strangeness occurred more than 60 years ago in Japan. Parts of the story were told in several books about the strange and strange fact during the 1950s. A brief reference to the incident appears in Dark Stories .

Gathering as many details as possible (some may be lost forever in history), the story takes on a mysterious aspect and certainly qualifies as a possible vision more in the infinite worlds of the multiuniverse.

Flight from nowhere

The day started like any other for the men and women of Japanese customs. They bowed to their superiors and took their places behind the counters of the facility located near the waiting area of ​​arrival of the international terminal.
While planes from other nations arrived and passengers disembarked, newcomers queued as usual – waiting for interviews, inspections and the anticipation of having their passports and visas stamped so they could make their way to the hustle and bustle. Bustle of a Tokyo now back to normal nine years after the end of World War II.(Taured Man)

But what started normally soon degenerated into perplexity, and then into amazement, when one of the newcomers who had flown in from Europe presented his passport.

The travel document stated that he was from a country they had not heard about in his profession. Even the highest-ranking customs officials were hampered by the passport that, in everything else, seemed authentic. According to the passport, the man was from a country called Taured.

The traveler was pulled aside and escorted to an interrogation room for an interview while a background check was conducted. The mysterious man appeared Caucasian, said that his country was in Europe and he carried legal currency of several European countries in a well-made, large wallet.

Confusion and anger

While the customs officials were confused, subject to his confusion he became increasingly angry. He stated that he was in Japan for business, it was the third of those trips in that year. He had been traveling to Japan for more than five years and his company was a subsidiary of a booming international conglomerate.(Taured Man)

While it is true that the man’s passport corroborated his story – the document had several previous customs visa stamps – there was no evidence that his country existed. And when the company that he claimed to have pending meetings was contacted, they stated categorically that they had never heard of him, or of the company he said he represented.

Equally disconcerting were the other documents of the man: he had a driver’s license issued by his country, but the country did not exist. He also had an international driver’s license, but he was also an invalid. A checkbook contained controls for an account with an unknown bank. The hotel he insisted he had reservations about had no record of him.

He is certainly a stranger in a strange world

The man spoke several languages, including Japanese. He said that his mother tongue was French and when he was shown a map of the world he expressed what seemed to be a genuine shock that his country was not in it.
He told officials that Taured was located in the Principality of Andorra, part of Spain, and part of France that was indicated on the map. He was convinced that there was no country like Andorra and his country had existed for almost 1,000 years.

Everyone had gone crazy? He must have asked. The Japanese asked themselves as they looked back at the impossible man who no doubt looked very busy.(Taured Man)

Right airport, wrong world

The hours passed and instead of finding answers, the puzzle only deepened. Finally, the man asked to see the higher governmental authorities. By then he thought it was a great and cruel joke that was being played.

After being detained in the airport’s narrow security room for almost eight hours, the customs authorities took pity on him. He was sent to a nearby hotel with orders that the mysterious visitor wait until a decision on the matter will come.

Disappearance Act

At the hotel, two immigration officials were given the order not to allow the man to leave his room. After eating a small dinner provided by the hotel room service, the man without a country withdrew almost at nightfall.
The guards kept their post in the hallway outside the hotel room through the early morning hours. At no time were sounds heard coming from inside the room.(Taured Man)

The next morning, the guards discovered that the strange European had disappeared. The only exit from the room was the door they were looking at and the only window had no external cornice and it is located high above a busy street.

Customs and immigration officials and the Tokyo police, mounted an intense search to try to find an incredible traveler, but finally gave up. The man of the country that does not exist was never seen again. With luck, he found his way back home. What do you think? Leave us your comment! 😉

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