Deep Prasad a Scientist confesses to having an encounter with extraterrestrial entities

Deep Prasad is a scientist who works in the field of quantum physics, especially in its application to the field of computers and technology. 

However, at the end of last month, he published an extensive series of off-topic messages on his Twitter account, where he claimed to have had an encounter with entities from another world “ethereal in appearance” that showed him holographically strange hieroglyphic symbols.

Deep Prasad with the famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.
Deep Prasad with the famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

The transcription of mysterious tweets from deep prasad is mentioned below

It’s Thanksgiving, and this post will surely prove complicated for many. In fact, speaking objectively, it is not a good idea for me to write what I am going to write since each scientist has a targt on his back in the UFO community and I am still a technological CEO.

Earlier this year (February), I had such an absurd and amazing experience that it changed my life. It happened in my home in broad daylight, at about 9:40 am I will leave out some details for I have more security and can expand more. But, in short, I was paralyzed against my will, I could not move and had three entities before me. Could I be crazy?. I think I am? Obviously not. Could this have been a hallucination? I can’t prove if it was or not, otherwise, I wouldn’t be so worried about sharing this.

These entities projected hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of sentences and paragraphs in a language that looked like a mixture of Japanese and Egyptian hieroglyphs. I was terrified and I could barely move my body, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I tried to convince myself that I was having some kind of attack or had passed out and that what I saw couldn’t really be happening. However, it felt more real than reality itself.

I was scared, I couldn’t move and had no control of the situation, but I could think perfectly well. My mind was running at a thousand per hour: «Are these things real? Is it happening right now? Is my family or friends ready for this if it happens to them? Are they going to kill me? How do I let them know that I do not want to die and that I am not a threat?

At the same time, he tried to make sense of the symbols. It was incredibly frustrating that I couldn’t understand or translate them. The sentences and paragraphs passed quickly and I could only distinguish a word in English, I saw it at least three times: «DNA». This means that whoever or whatever was doing this (even if it was my own brain), clearly understood English. But I was choosing not to use it for everything.

The image of my room disappeared if I raised my head a little, although doing so was difficult since I immediately felt nauseous.

When I disappeared, I realized that I was no longer in my room but somewhere else. When I rested my head back on the pillow, the image of the room returned, along with the symbols.

Then I decided to stop fighting what was happening, and for some strange reason, I no longer felt fear but a total fascination. Fear returned every once in a while but, at that point, I was already watching everything around me carefully. The color of their suits, their height, their ways, etc.

At one point, one of them jumped on me and slowly walked towards my head. Before I did this, the being was on the floor near my TV and showing these beautiful golden holograms in the middle of his suit. When he jumped, these holograms did too. Seeing this, I immediately wondered, “Is it a damn joke? What is wrong with me? What are these things?”. Because I assure you they didn’t look like what you would expect from an alien. These things seemed etheric in nature. Hard to describe.

Deep Prasad is a scientist who works in the field of quantum physics, especially in its application to the field of computers and technology.

Once he was on me, he walked forward so slowly and carefully that I felt i was being treated like an animal. I felt a light-hitting me on the top of my head. And, suddenly, a feeling of euphoria and joy that I had never experienced invaded me. I will try to describe it in the best possible way: I felt that the Universe was aware of my existence. It was like a warm thought that reminded me that space is full of life and that we all relate to everyone by virtue of their existence. “Oneness,” that word made no sense to me until that day.

After a few minutes of experiencing this, I lost consciousness and then woke up “instantly.” Not a minute had passed since the experience had begun. I looked everywhere completely shocked that time had not passed.

I still believe that what happened could be an authentic experience, but I question it less now than before. In addition, all this happened just three months since I became interested in ufology, so I even doubted the experience I had tweeted Deep Prasad

I doubt whether or not to delete these tweets, because I was upset by the lack of physical evidence and could be a great falsehood. However, this pushed me to become even more interested in the subject. I decided that I needed to find more people who had this kind of experience, so I contacted the Toronto CE-5 group (which I left after two sessions because one of the types in charge is a total lunatic). I booked entry for the SCU ( Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, ‘Scientific Coalition for the Study of UFOs’ ) conference and thus meet Hal and Luis Elizondo next month. I needed to know.

Deep Prasad is a scientist who works in the field of quantum physics, especially in its application to the field of computers and technology.
Prasad’s intelligence during his student years led to the University of Toronto calling him “the next Einstein” in 
a note published five years ago .

I needed to know who these people were, what was happening and if I had officially gone mad.(Deep Prasad)

A lot of you have started following me since my SCU post, and I’ve only learned more and more. My life has become more strange since I had this experience. Very, very rare. First of all, something else happened a few weeks before. An acquaintance committed suicide and, although we weren’t so close, we had a relationship. Finding out about his death traumatized me, affected my work.

However, after having had the experience with the entities, the feeling of uniqueness that I had is not gone. The euphoria part, sure. But I started to be much better mentally speaking. I no longer had anxiety, depression, fear or stress. I felt love for everyone, and it was very difficult for me to get mad at someone, and if I did, it didn’t last long. It was objectively a better version of myself. My beliefs in God changed almost instantly too. From being an atheist to someone spiritual.(Deep Prasad)

I began to have dreams where I saw myself inside one of these UFOs about which one commonly reads. Mostly cymbals and orbs. Some of the characters that appeared in my dreams spoke to me telepathically. Never in my life had I dreamed of this kind of thing until this year. I also experienced impossible electrical anomalies anywhere during the first two weeks after the event.

This led me to be a little unnerved by the situation because I felt that, in a way, I had lost my free will. The idea of ​​not feeling fear and having unconditional love for everything did not come from me. I didn’t think it was something I would have won. And it certainly wasn’t normal (although it was liberating). If everyone experienced the mental state I was in, everything would be better overnight. I am convinced that hate, fear, anger, depression, and anxiety would disappear from society.

After a couple of weeks, this feeling / mental state waned until I became myself.(Deep Prasad)

Sometimes I would like to go back to the way things were during those two weeks after the experience. But it is best to make a conscious effort to return to that state of mind.

On the other hand, weeks later I had my first UFO sightings, and in total, I have had 4 since then, 2 of which I have managed to record. On 3 of the 4 opportunities, there were other people with me.

Yes, this is my life now, and it has changed for the better. It has become more complex and took me to where I am today.

I do not know what happened and I can not prove that I have not gone crazy (I will pass any psychological exam without problems but there will always be room for doubt, which is fair). But I am forever grateful that it happened. I believe that we will ever reveal this mystery and that Humanity has an incredible future.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

******* END OF TRANSCRIPTION *******

So far the transcript of tweets by Deep Prasad. Based on it we can glimpse a genuine reaction to an extraordinary fact and difficult to describe with words. One would also have to ask, for the skeptical side of the matter, why a young and successful scientist would risk his career inventing such a story. What would you gain with that? Nothing to gain and much to lose, you could say. It is run by a technology company that requires investments, and investors do not offer capital to crazy people. It is bad for the business.

One could also outline the theory that sleep paralysis or a lucid dream was treated. However, Deep has clarified that he was already awake at the time of the close encounter, so these explanations are discarded.

It should be noted that what the scientist says coincides with statements by many abductees, who say that their kidnappers had, for example, the ability to cross the walls, among other feats that defy physics as we know it. Many researchers argue that the latter would be evidencing the interdimensional or extradimensional aspect of the UFO phenomenon. In fact, the fact that Deep describes that when he raised his head he could see another place as if two “realities” were overlapping at that precise moment, would be an indication pointing towards that direction; and the fact that the linear time seems not to have elapsed during the experience, too.

According to an FBI document, some UFOs do NOT come from another “planet” as we usually refer to, but rather “from an ethereal planet that interpenetrates with ours and we cannot perceive.”

According to the drawing made by the witness, in addition, the “ethereal” beings who visited him had an appearance reminiscent of the classic “gray . 

Similarly, in several cases of ufology, witnesses have described seeing symbols similar to hieroglyphs or ideograms inside or outside the alien ships. Or they have experienced a “download of data” to their minds or had an epiphany where they felt a radical change of their place and that of humanity in the universe.

What do you think of this experience by Deep Prasad?

Source: HotAir.

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