Sumeria, the Anunnaki gods and the possible origin of reptilians

The representations of the Anunnaki gods are very controversial since they seem to have a reptilian appearance.

Sumeria, the Anunnaki gods and the possible origin of reptilians

Also, when they mentioned human beings, they called them blackheads. In the engravings, the Annunaki were represented in humanoid form, they seemed to have a human face.

But it might not really be that way. The Annunaki forbade the Sumerians to reflect them in their real appearance in their engravings and statues.

In almost all the engravings and reliefs where the Anunnaki are represented, we see 3 very striking elements. In the first place, God appears who carries a kind of pineapple in his hand.

For some researchers, pineapple symbolized the pineal gland. The Anunnaki supposedly knew how to stimulate the gland to extract its full potential.

A second point to consider is the mysterious vessel they hold, and according to Sitchin and other authors, it would be the boat where they deposited the well-known “Water of Life”.

Sumeria, the Anunnaki gods and the possible origin of reptilians

A third object is that kind of bracelet that reminds us suspiciously of a watch. In Babylon, they called the Anunnaki SIR, which means dragon or great snake.

Also, the symbol of Enki were the two snakes coiled in the caduceus, but that could hide up to 3 types of meanings:

The reptilian nature of the Anunnaki: as almost all ancient cultures speak of snake gods descended from the stars, to whom the creation of men is attributed.

Reptile Genetics: According to this interpretation, because the two snakes coiled bear a similarity to human DNA, it would be to indicate that they created us, it would be a kind of hidden message.

Spiritual wisdom: Is the Caduceus a symbol of the synthesis of knowledge and spiritual wisdom?

One of the most puzzling figures is that of a female Mother Goddess holding a curled up baby. If we observe the baby, we will see that his head is a reptile and his eyes are torn like his mother.

Sumeria, the Anunnaki gods and the possible origin of reptilians

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