British Prisoner Claims Demons and Devil Are Terrorizing Stocken Men's Prison

British Prisoner Claims Demons and Devil Are Terrorizing Stocken Men’s Prison

In the English county of Rutland is the Stocken Men’s Prison, which contains about 1,000 prisoners. And there may be some paranormal activity going on.

In 2021, this prison has already become famous throughout the country, as it had the highest percentage of COVID-19 cases in the UK.

The Paranormal Activities at Stocken Men’s Prison

The prison belongs to category C, that is, there is not a particularly strict regime there, and especially dangerous criminals are not placed there. And one of them recently wrote an intriguing letter to a special site for prisoners “Inside Time” .

“I know this may sound crazy, but trust me when I say that Stocken Prison is run by the Devil himself. The entire staff is possessed [by demons] and I have lost count of the supernatural phenomena I have witnessed here over the past 16 months.

I saw how all objects move by themselves. When I was in solitary confinement, invisible forces pulled the covers off me. My cell phone rang by itself all night long, ringing on its own countless times. Also, the whole room sometimes shook, but no one seemed to notice except myself.”

Apparently, this unnamed prisoner is a very believing Christian, since the second part of the letter is literally stuffed with references to the devil, Christ, and the Lord.

“The devil is real. His time has come. And if these things happen to you, stay strong and keep praying. And don’t let anyone from the mental health department convince you that you’re just crazy. Because the paranormal cannot be explained by science. 

They (doctors) chalk it up to mental health issues. But in doing so, they call our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a liar. Jesus himself was tempted by Satan and faced many demons and cast them out even 2000 years after his death. 

Do you really think these demons just disappeared? This is very unlikely. In any case, they will have more freedom on earth until our Lord returns.

Christians must resolutely return to the people of today because things that were common knowledge and believed by most people have now become fiction for television and science fiction.

British Prisoner Claims Demons and Devil Are Terrorizing Stocken Men's Prison

Here is such a letter. It could be considered simply the work of a schizophrenic or religious fanatic, but nowhere is it indicated that this prisoner has a mental diagnosis. And if so, he would have been kept in a mental hospital, and not in prison.

By the way, journalists write that the head of this prison, whom this prisoner called the Devil, is also a very religious person who takes part in prayer sessions in prison.

It is also indicated that there is a building called Stocken Hill near Stocken Prison and there have long been rumors about it that there are ghosts there. Stocken Prison previously used this building as a farm where vegetables were grown for the prisoners.

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