Amazingly Detailed Image Of The Sun Has Been Published By The European Space Agency (ESA)

The European Space Agency (ESA) has published an extraordinary image obtained by its Solar Orbiter, intended to make detailed measurements of the inner heliosphere and the rising solar wind and to make close observations of the Sun.

A full version can be seen in the tweet quoted below, but to really appreciate the majesty of our star, we recommend that you CLICK HERE and see the image in high resolution.

Amazingly Detailed Image Of The Sun Has Been Published By The European Space Agency (ESA)
Small crop and zoom (top left) of the ESA high-resolution image.

The more zoom we apply to the image, the more incredible it becomes.

That little speck in the top right corner? Yes, that’s the entirety of the Earth to scale.

To achieve this level of detail, 25 separate shots were needed, ESA explained, obtained by Solar Orbiter’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager instrument as the spacecraft passed directly between Earth and the Sun.

The resulting data, according to the agency, could lead to an unprecedented scientific understanding of flares on the Sun’s surface and how they relate to things going on deeper in the solar atmosphere.

But to the layman, the image is also just a stunning reminder of the beauty, complexity, and sheer power of the star around which we all orbit.

Source: ESA

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