Charles E. Peck

Charles Peck: The Man Who Made 35 Calls To His Family After Death

Every story or incident that seems to be impossible and mysterious drives our minds with the desire to find a convincing explanation. Skeptics were confused and baffled after hearing about the story of Charles Peck, who made 35 phone calls in 12 hours after his death in a tragic railway accident. This incident also backed up the theory of life after death.

The Mysterious Tale Of Charles Peck

In 2008, life was in bloom for Charles E. Peck in Salt Lake City. Though he was a divorcee, he found love again and was ready to move in with his fiance, Andrea Katz, in California so they could begin their wedding preparations. But it did not go as planned. Unfortunately, Peck was killed in the deadliest train accident in US history. His accident created a mystery that has yet to be solved.

Charles E. Peck was born on October 16, 1950, in California, USA. He worked at Salt Lake City International Airport as a Delta Air Lines agent for 19 years before flying to Los Angeles for a job interview at Van Nuys Airport.

Charles lived in California while his fiancee was from Westlake Village, so when Peck got word of the vacancy at Van Nuys Airport, he saw it as a tremendous opportunity and traveled there for the interview.

Charles Peck: The Man Who Made 35 Calls To His Family After Death
Charles E. Peck With His Fiancee Andrea Katz

The Tragic 2008 Chatsworth Train Collision

Charles boarded a plane to Los Angeles for the interview on September 12, 2008, and took the Metrolink to Moorpark, where Andrea had decided to pick him up. The train had 225 passengers and was expected to reach its last stop at 4:45 pm.

It was Engineer Robert Sanchez’s second shift, and he was driving the train from Union Station. While he was typing on his mobile phone he ran a red light. From Chatsworth, the train ran on a single track shared with a Union Pacific freight train that was traveling in the opposite direction.

As a result, both trains collided at a combined speed of 83 miles per hour. In this tragic accident, which was termed the “2008 Chatsworth train accident,” 135 passengers were injured while 25 passengers died, including Charles E. Peck. Andrea found out about the accident when she was on her way to pick up Charles. She heard about the accident on the radio.

Later in an investigation concerned with the accident, it was found that the engineer was texting with two teenagers who said that they became friends with the engineer in order to learn about his profession. It was also found that the engineer’s last text was sent just 22 seconds before the disaster.

Charles Peck: The Man Who Made 35 Calls To His Family After Death
The Collision Site

Strange Phone Calls From Charles Peck

Post-accident Charles’s family and fiancee received multiple calls from his phone, but when they picked up the phone calls no one responded from the other side. The phone calls gave his family and fiancee hope that he might be alive under the debris and too hurt to speak a word.

Andrea was shocked when she heard about the accident on the radio, and every time she received a call from Peck’s phone, she yelled assurance to Peck that rescue was on the way, but she heard complete silence on the other end.

His near and dear ones, including his kids, brother, sister, stepmother, and fiancee, received 35 phone calls before his dead body was recovered. They were only able to reach his voice mail when they tried contacting him again.

Throughout the night, police and firefighters worked to recover the victims’ bodies. They also tried to track down Peck using his phone signal. However, the phone calls came to a halt around 3:00 am the next morning.

Peck’s corpse was recovered after an hour by the rescue squad. His family and close ones were shocked to discover the fact that the man they cherished the most had passed away. In the postmortem, doctors realized that Peck would have died in the initial crash itself. But now the question arose: if he died in the initial crash, then how did he manage to call his family for 12 hours after he had passed away?

Various arguments have been put forward to explain why phone calls continued for 12 hours post-Pecks’ death. Some believe that trolls could be behind phone calls, but the fact that no one except Andrea knew that Peck was on the train rules out this theory.

Another theory was put forward that the device malfunctioned, causing several phone calls, but again, this was ruled out by the fact that the calls were made only to family members and his fiance and not to a larger number of contacts.

Final Conclusion

There could be a possibility that Peck could have somehow managed to cross the barrier between the worlds and done something that is difficult to believe. He could have done this unbelievable and mysterious act to bid his family a final goodbye. The mystery is yet to be solved, also his cell phone was never found.

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