access of negative entities to our world

Dimensional Portals: Access Of Negative Entities To Our World

The difference between the apparitions of ghosts and the presence of dark or negative entities is really very simple.
Ghostly apparitions are a repeated pattern of events that happen again and again in the same way. While the presence of dark entities, of any kind, are energies that are separate, unique, and do not repeat the same pattern.
But what many people ask themselves is: What is the origin of these dark entities?
Paranormal experts say that certain dark entities use dimensional portals or parallel spaces to access our dimensions.
These portals are actually small “wormholes“. They can be in a field, in the park, in the home, in the office, or in a public space like a bank or food store, etc.

They can even be opened in churches. Negative entities, also called astral parasites, enter our dimension in order to harm people, animals, plants, and places.
These dark entities feed on negative emotions and thus stimulate people and animals to create situations of fear, violence, sadness, pain, and other feelings of this kind.
These emotions are what the dark energies use to feed themselves.

Dimensional Portals access of negative entities to our world

These dark beings are in “our kingdom” for a limited time, so it is important to detect and send them back to where they came from. After getting rid of them you have to find the open dimensional portals to prevent them from coming back

Ancient stories of sinister extradimensional entities

Ancient cultures have been writing about demonic entities since the beginning of human history. They have been given many different names, such as Asuras (Hinduism), Tzitzimime (Aztecs), Shayatin (Islam), Guardians of the Underworld (in ancient Egypt), Shedim (Judaism), Alû (Babylonians and Assyrians) Supposed demons (in Christianity).

Many of these ancient cultures possessed esoteric practitioners who were able to find some information about these entities and realms beyond using techniques that allowed them to get out and travel outside the body (called today OBEs ). What they discovered became the basis of knowledge today.

They understood the importance of awakening in other dimensions, because it is part of consciousness, and see beyond the limits of ordinary perception, and used it to discover information about these entities and how they influenced beyond our knowledge. What they described was that these dark entities tormented people, with the ability to spread evil and chaos in the world, dwelling in dark regions in the lower dimensions known as hell.

Demonic entities work actively to influence society

Those who have witnessed the appearance of demonic beings in our reality using dimensional portals ensure that many of the dark entities have specific roles and work together in a hierarchy of evil in other dimensions.

The demons of old had important roles and now no longer need a physical body. They are part of a structure of evil that extends its tentacles from the darker dimensional regions to the physical world.

They work through dark secret societies, who secretly run certain religions and thus get to communicate with a large number of people here on earth who are going through the process of awakening in the dark.

These disciples of the dark are using certain techniques to gain knowledge of demonic entities and thus work with an immense evil intelligence in an agenda dating back thousands of years. A key part of their existence in our reality is to spread lies, misinformation, chaos, and intolerance.

access of negative entities to our world

They do not want people to wake up spiritually in the light, or those spiritual societies can counteract their influence. According to experts on the subject, these dark beings abduct and manipulate the spiritual symbols and even religions, attracting the forces of light and then use them in favor of darkness.

Thanks to dimensional portals, they can control politicians, celebrities, governments, criminal organizations, and large corporations. They use human weaknesses and defects like greed, ignorance, lust, and violence to attract, control and enslave their puppets as well as the masses.

How to close a dimensional portal?

Just as it is important to detect a dimensional portal, it is also essential to close it. Elise Defer known psychic advised to use a field containment called the “Violet Flame”, an essence of spiritual light.
Where there is an open portal through which the dark beings accede to our reality we will close it with this technique.

According to the guidelines established by Elise, first, we invoke our guardian angels.
Then we will look for the portal. It can be done remotely, in the case of being a psychic person.
Others use dowsing rods or a pendulum.
We will confirm with these tools the location of the open portal.

Generally, portals are tornado or vortex-shaped. They rotate counterclockwise. To close, view the “Violet Flame” turning right, like a whirlpool.
This is the opposite direction of its natural spin. Do not stop visualizing this action until the portal (which is a gateway) is a small dot and then finally disappeared.

There are people who place stone kyanite or black tourmaline crystal on top of where the center of the vortex was.
They leave it there for a couple of hours to prevent the reopening of the portal.
This is not always necessary. To confirm the closing, you can consult the dowsing rods or pendulum. And we must not forget to thank our guardian angels.

Although these portals exist, the reality is that our planet has allowed the entrance of evil because human consciousness has allowed it.
But we must also be clear that within each of us is the true key to eradicating all evil. And remember: Where there is light, there is no darkness.

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