A television program records for the first time a real ghost in a mansion in England(The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse)

Currently the docu-reality about ghosts flood television. But the pioneers of this format was the American television program Ghost Hunters, giving way to other paranormal programs such as “Seekers of ghosts” or “Paranormal State . ” The group of researchers was TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), founded by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, gathering a large number of followers in a short period of time after first broadcasting in October 2004.(The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse)

The key to its success was the protagonists, two friends who worked as plumbers and who dedicated their free time to “ghost hunting” . Normal, authentic and above all honest people. However, it was not long before the most skeptical voices ensured that it was all about a simple entertainment montage. Apparently, these docu-reality uses real investigative techniques, but they deceive the spectators by mixing science and playing with scary plots. But leaving aside this controversy, now a British television program on paranormal issues has recorded for the first time since its first episode 15 years ago a true ghost.(The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse)

The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse

Since its first broadcast more than a decade ago, the popular British television show Most Haunted, which broadcasts the Sky Living channel, has toured the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, trying to prove the existence of life after death. However, during all these years, he had never managed to record a real ghost , but the program maintained the interest of the viewers in other ways.(The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse)

Normally, the team of paranormal investigators toured old buildings and tunnels before feeling or hearing something disturbingly supernatural. However, in the last chapter there is much more than strange noises. In the episode in question, you can see the presenter Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell traversing a corridor of a mansion. Suddenly, in front of them, under what appears to be an archway, appears a spooky figure. The spectrum seems to be translucent, and it quickly disappears. While the group is installing their equipment, Stuart suddenly sees the figure.

“What is that?” Asks Stuart.

As of that moment a persecution takes place to the style of the film “The Project of the Witch of Blair” , whereas Karl tries to go behind the supposed ghost.

“Hello? Hello? “ Says Stuart, in an attempt to communicate with the entity.

On the other hand, Karl admits that during the persecution “he almost falls off the stairs” . The video was recorded in the Wentworth Woodhouse, in the English county of South Yorkshire, built by Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, in 1630. Completely surprised by what his colleagues had recorded, Yvette could not hide his surprise.(The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse)

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“It’s the most innovative video we’ve recorded,” revealed Yvette. “Instead of giving us the answers we were looking for, he simply gave us more questions. Was it the presence of the spirit of a dead soul, a doppelgänger , mental energy or something else that we are not supposed to understand? “

The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse

Karl recognized that they had never seen anything like this before and so far they have no explanation for what they saw, but the images clearly show a spectral figure. The episode was broadcast last year, but now several English media have echoed what happened. The team of Most Haunted was investigating the Wentworth Woodhouse, due to the large number of reports on spectral entities that roam the place, such as the spirit of a child recorded by experts in the paranormal.(The Ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse)

Is it a true ghost? Or can it be a montage?

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