The Strange Disappearance Of Alberto Gordoni - Reappeared 22 Years Later Without Aging

The Strange Disappearance Of Alberto Gordoni – Reappeared 22 Years Later Without Aging

This story of the disappearance of Alberto Gordoni is regularly published in various anthologies of anomalous phenomena, but, alas, nowhere is it indicated to what extent it is true and who first told it.

Strange Disappearance Of Alberto Gordoni - Reappeared 22 Years Later Without Aging

The Strange Disappearance Of Alberto Gordoni In 1753

In May 1753, a man named Alberto Gordoni , who was considered a fairly respected member of society and worked as an artisan and gardener in the city of Catania, in Sicily, Italy, was walking through the town square when he suddenly and inexplicably simply vanished into the thin air right in front of numerous stunned witnesses. 

Of course, they immediately began to look for him and examined all the nearby places and houses, but Alberto Gordoni was not found anywhere. Also, there were no ditches at this place and other voids into which he could presumably fall. 

Everything looked so that at one moment this person existed, and in a second he simply disappeared from the face of the earth.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, months into years, but no one ever saw Alberto Gordoni, he remained missing. Gradually, the townspeople began to forget about him, and then completely forgot.

And after 22 years, as stated, Alberto Gordoni suddenly showed up at the same place where he disappeared. At the same time, judging by his appearance, he had not aged even a year during this time

When they began to ask him what happened to him and where he was for so long, Gordoni insisted that he did not disappear anywhere at all, and for him, supposedly, these 22 years did not exist at all. 

It took several more years before Gordoni finally confided in a local priest named Mario to tell him what really happened to him. 

According to Alberto Gordoni, on the day of his disappearance, he saw a strange shimmering tunnel in front of him and entered it:

“Alberto suddenly fell into a tunnel and it took him to a “white and ambiguous” world. There were no objects, only bizarre accessories. Alberto saw something similar on a small canvas covered with stars and dots, each of which pulsated in its own way. 

There was one long creature with long hair who told Gordoni that he fell into the “crack of time and space” and it would be very difficult to get him back. 

Alberto ardently asked to be returned, but the creature was in no hurry and began to tell him about the holes that open in the dark, about some white drops and thoughts that move at the speed of light, about a soul without flesh and a body without a soul, about flying cities with forever young residents.

Then he was finally returned to the place where he was, but if Alberto Gordoni felt that he had been absent for a maximum of half an hour, he did not expect that 22 years had actually passed. 

Priest Mario was apparently convinced that Alberto Gordoni was telling him the truth and later took him back to the place where Gordoni had disappeared and reappeared to see if anything would happen there again.

When they got there, Gordoni suddenly disappeared again, and this time for good. He did not appear in a year, or after many decades. Since the disappearance happened right in front of Mario, he crossed himself and then ordered to fence this place, calling it the “Devil’s Trap”. 

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