UFO Battle of Nuremberg, Germany in 1561: Mass UFO sighting in ancient times

UFO Battle of Nuremberg

Many people think that the UFO phenomenon or the events related to them are only recent, however, there is an event dating back to the UFO battle of Nuremberg in 1561.
Apart from the theories based on times of ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, which have left behind writings and drawings where it can be verified that they had the presence of beings, flying objects, and events that had no explanation.

There is a documented news story about an event that occurred in the skies of Germany more than 450 years ago.
The story dates back to 1561 where a very strange event is described when the sun rose on April 14 of that year, in the German city of Nuremberg.

Story of the UFO Battle of Nuremberg

UFO Battle of Nuremberg
Illustration by Hans Glaser about the Battle of Nuremberg. 

This is one of the many amazing stories, which has caused a lot of impact in the UFO world, the people who resided in the German city of Nuremberg, were surprised by an unusual event never seen by them.
They saw the development of what they described as an aerial battle, of a great glow, as the appearance of colored spheres, crosses, cylinders and the sighting of a huge black object that had an arrow shape, as well as a forced landing in a site removed from the city limits.
The entire explanation was detailed a short time later by Hans Glaser, a local artist who captured what happened in a wood engraving.

The engraving of Hans Glaser describing the UFO Battle of Nuremberg

Engraved writing by Hans Glaser about the Battle of Nuremberg

Between 4 to 5 on the morning of April 14, 1561, there was a terrifying apparition in the Sun, which had never been witnessed, many witnesses of the city, men and women at the doors of their houses, in the field, they have witnessed it.

In the beginning, they appeared in the sky, in the center of the Sun, 2 semicircular arches, their color was blood red, also above and below the sun they were blood red, there was also a round ball of ferrous color, it was off on the one hand and the other black, annular discs.

Likewise, on the sides, blood-red balls, 3 in a line, and 4 in the shape of a square and others alone, between the balls there were blood-red crosses and their blood-red strips were getting wider and wider.

In addition to the spheres, cylindrical structures shot the fireballs and they fell to the burning ground, producing, in turn, a huge vapor that disappeared everything on the ground where they fell.

Finishing the description of the document captured on the tablet, it says that the balls had fought a kind of battle between them.
There was a lot of thunderous noise and many colored lights were seen in the sky.

This chronicle is exhibited in the Central Library of Zurich today, it is said that this same phenomenon was repeated in Basel (Switzerland), 5 years after it occurred in Nuremberg.

Explanations of the Incident

Despite the various opinions, many experts assure that it could be a true extraterrestrial war.

For some, Hans Glaser’s narration, the only existing information on this fact, could be based on the development of the stage of time in which it occurred, if the Renaissance period is remembered it was characteristic of a language, to call it somehow colorful, describing the event as terrifying.
It can be understood that at that time, any unusual object that appeared in the sky for a society that barely directed its gaze towards the stars, could be a matter of concern, if they had just burned Giordano Bruno at the stake for heresy, just for suggesting, that the Universe had many stars similar to the Sun and that these stars were from planets that at one time may have been inhabited like Earth.
For others, it may have been religious propaganda claiming that they were signs from heaven to lead humanity to repentance. 
A typical way of controlling believers.
The only certainty is that this event became popular in the twentieth century, through the book “Flying Saucers”, written by Carl Jung, the book is based on the modern myth of things seen in the sky.

Unfortunately for a phenomenon as old as this one recorded, it is perhaps impossible to find an answer.
However, the testimony exists and we could be in the presence of a unique event; an alien battle.
Let us know what you think about the UFO battle of Nuremberg in the comment section.

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  1. I have reason to believe it’s true. When I was ten in 1966, friends and I saw red dots in the sky with smaller white ones, that looked like they were in some kind of battle. Around 1994 My wife and two sons drove from Oklahoma to Florida , on I 95 south near Jacksonville, we saw a similar thing, and the car engine went off. We coasted to the visitor center where we experienced missing time. I’ll add, in 1966 I and my older sister were taken onboard a huge ufo in Twinbrook Maryland, but that is a long story. About the narrative in the story of The UFO Battle of Nuremberg, it may not have been the Sun they saw at 4-5 AM, My sons, in Texas, after we moved to Lake Conroe in 2002 saw something that lit everything brighter than the Sun. It was night time. The trees in the woods next to them had no shadow. They were at one side of the dam, then next thing they know they are at the other side. These things often remind me of Shakespeare “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

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