The Disc of Death

The Disc of Death: Unraveling the Enigma of Teotihuacan’s Most Mysterious Artifact

Disc of Death, the most enigmatic artifact found in the City of the Gods is full of mysteries and secrets. Over time, it has gained a lot of attention, however, no question associated with the death disc has ever been answered. Researchers come up with different theories, from the simple idea that it is part of a ritual structure to the more unusual idea that it is evidence of the existence of our distant ancestors from another world.

The Disc of Death: Unraveling the Enigma of Teotihuacan's Most Mysterious Artifact

In 1964, archaeologists digging at the base of the Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun found a huge skull with a grim on its face and a halo made of many small pieces around it. Given the location of its discovery, researchers proposed that it could be an object to worship the sun, however, its appearance does not really fit a solar totem.

The appearance of the disc of death is quite frightening since in the middle of the ribbed circle, there is not a shining face, but supposedly a warning is written. Moreover, inside the Great Pyramid, not a single image was found that resembled even a bit of the disc. However, it’s hard to say for sure what happened because time has worn away all the plaster and paint on the Pyramid of the Sun.

It is quite possible that the Disc Of Death was originally a logical part of the complex and, moreover, the general style of stone carving is quite consistent with this.

Disc Of Death And Mictlntcutli, The Aztec, God Of Death

Researchers think that the “Disc of Death” is linked to Mictlntcutli, the Aztec, God of the dead since the Disc has a picture of a skull with its tongue sticking out. It is believed by many that the object was used to perform certain rituals, and signified Aztecs, the God of the dead.

The myth says that Mictlntcutli was the ruler of Mictln, the afterlife where the mortals have awaited specifically the ones who didn’t die in battle or during childbirth. It was a four-year-long trial of the human souls which have to pass through nine different levels.

The nine different levels consisted of rivers of blood, winds that cut like knives, and mountains that crash together on souls that pass between them. The souls who made it to the last level were eventually greeted by Mictlntcutli is shown in sculptures as a bloody skeleton with arms raised in gleeful aggression, a necklace of human eyeballs, and a mouth open to eat falling stars.

The Disc of Death: Unraveling the Enigma of Teotihuacan's Most Mysterious Artifact
Mictlntcutli, The Aztec, God Of Death

If you think all of this is a bit much, remember that an Aztec skull face had a more positive meaning. Death and life were so closely linked to the Aztecs that skulls were a sign of rebirth, like the first flowers of spring. Even though Mictlntcutli tore apart many souls who reached the end of their journey through Mictln, he gave some of them peace for all time.

The preciseness of the artifact has got the researchers both baffled and surprised. The skull on the disc is surrounded by smooth, even teeth that make a kind of halo around it, like the ones around the heads of saints on old icons.

The artifact is also made with such accuracy and efficiency that it looks like it was made with high-tech tools. However, upon close inspection, it has been found that the nimbus of the artifact is a gear which is quite surprising. It looks like the people who made the disc copied some high-tech details from their time. The most thrilling part of the discovery is that a warning was given by putting a scary picture in the middle:

“Don’t go in, or you’ll die!”

In the Mexican version, the protruding language is pretty much like what was found in ancient Sumer and India. It also suggests the incredible upheavals that take place during a specific period, that is the changing zodiac constellations during sunrise.

The disc of death carries a number of secrets which is unknown even to this day. It is believed that the object was part of a cult and had been used in performing rituals. Therefore, it is suggested by the researchers that the ancestors who created the disc and worshipped Aztecs were probably religious.

Clearly, the name of the city fits right in. Teotihuacan means “the place where people became gods” or “the place where the gods were born“. Several translations of the name have been made over the years. Furthermore, every translation only supports the concrete arguments that have been stated earlier proving the reliability of the same.

Were the ancient builders of Teotihuacan in touch with Aliens?

Apparently, Death Disc indicates that the ancient builders of Teotihuacan were in direct contact with some advanced civilization. The blueprint of the city also supports this theory as this city in particular has a large number of mysteries linked to it. There is a possibility that the city was used by an advanced civilization as a base for a spaceport.

The structure of the city reveals the architectural knowledge of its builders which seemed too advance for the men of the stone age. Could it be possible that even the extraterrestrials who descended on Earth and built the city had limited knowledge which they passed on to the inhabitants which the locals later used to build such artifacts symbolizing the advanced civilization?

Even though they might have a whole ship in orbit as a base and drop shuttles, all that is left of their “alien technology” is cobblestones and rock formations. Hundreds or even thousands of years after the advanced extraterrestrials left, the humans who had become wild worshipped everything, even the most common things in Teotihuacan.

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