Distant Galaxies are synchronizing with each other due to Something Strange and unknown

Galaxies millions of light-years away seem to be connected by an unknown network of massive intergalactic structures, whose strength synchronizes them in ways that cannot be explained by current astrophysics. Discoveries in this regard could rethink fundamental knowledge about the universe.(Galaxies are synchronizing)

Distant Galaxies are synchronizing with each other due to Something Strange and unknown

“The coherence observed must have some relation to structures on a gigantic scale, since it is impossible for galaxies separated by up to 20 million light-years to interact directly with each other,” said Hyeop Lee, of the Institute of Space Science and Astronomy of Korea, in statements to the portal Vice.

There are many instances in which astronomers have observed galaxies that appear to be connected and moving in sync. A study by Lee, published last October in  The Astrophysical Journal, found that hundreds of galaxies are rotating in exactly the same way, despite being separated by distances of millions of light-years.

In a different study, published a few years ago in  Astronomy and Astrophysics, it was also discovered that supermassive black holes aligned with each other in similar distance situations.

And while contemporary cosmological principles support the alignment and movement of stars on a smaller scale, astronomers are still baffled by much larger scale patterns. But before they can reach greater conclusions, more data is needed, since what has been collected so far is limited.

The investigation continues

The attractive uncertainty has motivated astronomers like Marcel Pawlowski to make this problem the focus of his research. He and his colleagues are waiting for data from the next generation of observatories, of the 30-meter class, which could show if other galaxies are surrounded by isotropic and organized patterns of satellite galaxies.

“What we have to do is expand our research to more distant satellite systems, and find satellite galaxies to measure their speeds,” said the astronomer. «The field has really advanced due to the debate proposed by several studies. It is good to see how observational evidence is stacking more and more ».

Whether from the strange movements of dwarf galaxies in our own galactic neighborhood or the mysterious alignment of galaxies millions of light-years away, it is clear that the synchronicity of these cosmic dances is essential to elucidate the structures that connect them.

The galaxies that we capture in static positions in deep-field photographs are in fact handled by complex forces that we still don’t understand.

“What I really like is that we are still in a pioneer phase, so it is very exciting,” Pawlowski concluded.

What do you think the Galaxies are synchronizing?

Source: ScienceAlert.

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