Energy Vision A Strange Device Invented By Daniel Nemes To Capture Multi-Dimensional Beings

Energy Vision: A Mysterious Device Invented By Daniel Nemes To Capture Multi-Dimensional Beings

The belief in multi-dimensional beings and a multi-dimensional universe has a long history, rooted in ancient spiritual and metaphysical philosophies. Various civilizations, such as those practicing Buddhism, Hinduism, and Kabbalah, envisioned the existence of multiple realms or planes within the universe. While conventional science has yet to fully theorize these higher dimensions, ancient knowledge and alternative scientific perspectives shed light on this intriguing concept.


Ancient texts, such as the Vishnu from Hinduism, describe a universe composed of multiple zones teeming with diverse forms of life. These realms are believed to interpenetrate each other, existing simultaneously within the same space. Eastern spiritual science recognizes seven planes, with lower planes exhibiting more material aspects and higher planes expressing greater subtlety and energy.

The Kabbalah’s cosmology, represented by the Tree of Life, also aligns with the Eastern system’s seven planes. Tablet 10 of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, known as the Key of Time, alludes to the presence of whirls within worlds, intimating the existence of parallel realities.

Physicists acknowledge the presence of unseen dimensions within the universe, which they refer to as dark matter and dark energy. While these terms differ from the spiritual perspective, the recognition of hidden dimensions aligns with the concept of multi-dimensional beings and realities.

Quantum physics has played a significant role in reshaping our understanding of reality. Nobel Prize-winning physicists like Niels Bohr have emphasized that our material world is far from being physical or tangible. Instead, they propose that everything is composed of energy and vibration. This revelation challenges the traditional Newtonian worldview and highlights the illusory nature of matter.

Examining the structure of an atom reveals that it comprises invisible vortices of energy, rather than tangible matter. These energy vortices, called quarks and photons, form the building blocks of atoms. Consequently, the realization that matter is energy-based aligns with the concept of multi-dimensional beings as beings of energy and vibration.

Renowned figures like Nikola Tesla emphasized the importance of studying non-physical phenomena to advance scientific progress. While the scientific community has traditionally focused on the physical aspects of reality, many scientists have begun exploring the implications of quantum physics and questioning the true nature of our existence.

Invention Of “Energy Vision” By Daniel Nemes

Daniel Nemes, a scientist and creator hailing from Colombia, has emerged as a prominent figure in the exploration of multidimensional existence through his pioneering work in multidimensional photography. Nemes’ fascination with science and astronomy since childhood eventually led him to delve into the realm of unseen dimensions and the mysteries they hold.

Daniel Nemes
Daniel Nemes

Inspired by an article about dark matter, Nemes embarked on a quest to develop a technology that could capture images of beings and entities from other dimensions. He combined his knowledge of optics, mathematical principles, and the properties of light to create a groundbreaking device that he named “Energy Vision.” This device, when used in conjunction with specialized lenses and sunlight, purportedly enables him to photograph phenomena that originate from realms beyond our customary perception.

Nemes claims that his sensitive screens and optical setup have the ability to capture images of entities existing in different planes of existence. He asserts that these beings, depicted in his photographs, inhabit realms that coexist with our own but are typically invisible to the human eye. His images often display peculiar and enigmatic faces, humanoid figures, and otherworldly landscapes.

Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes
Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes

Since 2015, Daniel Nemes has actively shared his photographs on social media platforms, primarily on his Facebook page, in an effort to showcase his invention and spark discussion within the scientific community. However, his work has received mixed reactions, with both avid supporters and skeptical critics. Some individuals perceive his photographs as evidence of the existence of multidimensional beings, drawing parallels to spiritual experiences and encounters with alternative dimensions reported by others. Conversely, skeptics argue that the images may be the result of various factors, including pareidolia (the tendency to perceive familiar patterns in random stimuli) or potential digital manipulation.

Daniel Nemes has faced significant challenges and encountered resistance from the scientific community. Despite the skepticism and criticism he has encountered, he remains determined to share his findings with the public. He believes that platforms like Facebook provide an essential outlet for disseminating his work and engaging with others who may have similar experiences or perspectives.

Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes
Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes

The potential implications of Daniel Nemes’ work are far-reaching. If his claims hold true, his technology could revolutionize our understanding of the universe and open doors to new dimensions of exploration. It could challenge established scientific paradigms and prompt a reevaluation of our perception of reality. However, further investigation, rigorous scrutiny, and collaboration with the scientific community would be necessary to validate and substantiate Nemes’ assertions.

In conclusion, Daniel Nemes has garnered attention in the field of multidimensional exploration through his development of a unique photographic technology. By capturing images of beings from realms beyond our customary perception, he offers a thought-provoking glimpse into the potential existence of multidimensional entities. While his work remains a subject of debate and investigation, it serves as a catalyst for broader discussions on the nature of reality and the possibility of unseen dimensions coexisting with our own.

Daniel Nemes’ work in multidimensional photography has captivated the imagination of many, sparking contemplation and discussion about the nature of our reality. His innovative device, Energy Vision, offers a window into hidden dimensions and the potential existence of beings beyond our ordinary perception.

Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes
Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes

While Daniel Nemes has faced challenges and skepticism from some quarters, his dedication to sharing his findings with the world underscores his belief in the importance of expanding our understanding of the universe. Through social media platforms, he has reached a wider audience, inviting them to ponder the mysteries of unseen realms and encouraging further exploration.

The implications of Daniel Nemes’ work extend beyond the realm of photography. If his claims are substantiated and his technology gains wider recognition, it could revolutionize scientific understanding and push the boundaries of human knowledge. The quest to comprehend the true nature of our existence and the existence of other dimensions continues, and Nemes’ contributions serve as a reminder that there is still much to discover.

As we contemplate the photographs captured by Daniel Nemes and the possibility of multidimensional beings, we are reminded that the universe is vast, filled with hidden wonders yet to be fully understood. The journey to unravel these mysteries invites us to question our preconceived notions, embrace the unknown, and explore the realms that lie beyond our immediate perception.

Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes
Multi-Dimensional beings captured by Daniel Nemes

In the grand tapestry of existence, Daniel Nemes has added a thread that provokes curiosity, ignites imagination, and challenges us to envision a reality that extends beyond what we can see and touch. As we continue to explore the frontiers of science and consciousness, may we remain open to the possibilities that lie beyond our current understanding, and may we find the courage to embark on journeys of discovery that push the boundaries of human knowledge.

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  1. There are other dimensions and realities, and all things are vibratory, but has anyone seen him doing the process that creates the images? Has anyone seen him take the photographs and then what that process is and how the photos are processed? One things stands out here that all the images are indicative of creatures we’ve been told or already believe exist – angel, devil, buddha etc are some of the images these photographs in the article are indicative of. Wouldn’t photos of other dimensions show us something we did not already have a name or description of? Wouldn’t something from a whole new world look like something we’ve never seen perhaps? I agree wholeheartedly that we are not alone in out space, but not sure I buy the photography.

  2. Daniel, many years before your discovery Meade Layne wrote a book called “the ether ship mystery”. You will find that you arrived rather late in your discoveries—but better late than never. Read his work and expand the knowledge of your discoveries. There is a reason why governments no longer use the term UFO but instead label them as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Now do we call spacecraft phenomena? We label space creatures phenomena. You will discover that the initial worldwide appearances of so-called UFO’s in the 1940’s coincided precisely with the advent of microwave radar technologies disturbing these plasmic creatures and their peaceful previously unharmed existence in the dark matter firmament of the space above the earth. Space pollution has exponentially increased since the advent of radar technologies just like their sightings. The tic tac sighting is a plasmic, etheric space creature—clearly not a spacecraft. They also are most likely responsible for all of the crop circles around the world that cannot be explained away as the workings of human beings. They exist as a fourth state of matter—heat-plasma!

  3. I think that what this man has managed to photograph are evil spirits, that is, demons. That they walk everywhere. Thank God they are invisible to our eyes.

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